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Little Eyes are Watching Us

I was wasting time on the Instagram today, like most of you do countless times everyday, and I came across a post I just had to share. I follow this athlete, someone I've honestly never heard of, but found her while scrolling through the "suggested" persons area. If you are a mom, please read: alphakilo
Anna's words are so inspiring to me, and she articulate exactly how I feel. 
"I didn’t hide the hard work, sacrifice and painful days, because that’s realistic of life. I knew that if I wanted to lead by example, then I would have to devote myself wholly to a life of self-discovery, discipline and remaining open to challenge and growth. I knew this would benefit all of us in the end. All parents can do this in their own way. This is mine."This year is a growth year for me...I'm learning to be an adult (I know, this is something most people learn before they are 33, however, I haven't done a stellar job). This process of growth for me is insanely diffic…