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Unmoveable Mountains

While working today, I turned on Pandora and a song came on that immediately made me stop.... (Sorry to my boss if you're reading time/money was used in the making of this blog post). Mercy Me - Even If. You guys. Seriously, this song is amaze-balls. Here is a link to the SONG on YouTube, with lyrics. A nugget:

But God when you choose, To leave mountains unmoveable, Oh give me the strength to be able to sing It is well with my soul. 
I know you're able, and I know you can Save through the fire with your mighty hand But even if you don't, My hope is in you alone.
One of my friends struggled for years with infertility. I remember the day she came to me and told me her doctor at the time basically told her it was impossible and to give up all hope. She was crushed beyond belief. She had faith though, that God would move an unmoveable mountain. She told me during one of her times talking with her mom, while pouring out her heart to her, her mom asked her (and I…

Breakthroughs and Breakdowns

I was going to start off with some incredibly motivating picture and quote for's a new year and everyone is all balls deep in "Let's do this!" And at times, yes, I am too. But it's not like at the drop of the ball and the countdown is over, things just instantly change, and life gets better. I still have my problems...I still have my fears, anxiety, depression, insecurities and failures lurking in the back of my mind. I can say though, that this year, I do feel different. I'm tired of putting up with the bullshit. I'm making this year about me for once.

I've been trying to do this in a few different is meditating. While I have little clue as to how to do this, I know that my mind is where it all begins. From maxing out my deadlift, to getting out of bed, to folding laundry (I literally do this only when its as if I'm going to be naked from no clothes), overcoming the mental struggle is the first battle!
I also plan to travel…