Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Floyd Farewell

I wanted to dedicate this blog to our friends, Kyle and Nancy. We have known them for about 5 years now and have become even closer to them over the past year or so. We live just down the street from them and even have a weekly Tuesday dinner date, which is awesomeness because every other week, I get a night off from cooking. Nancy makes some pretty amazing meals too, which is of course an added bonus. However, this weekend they are moving back to Nashville, TN. *insert sad face here*
When they told us awhile back that they had been praying about this move and that it was basically inevitable, I told myself that it probably wouldn't happen. I figured, even IF it did, and that was a big IF, it wouldn't be for at least a year or two. I hate when God's right and I'm wrong...because it seemed like only days went by and they said it was a reality. Kyle had been offered an amazing job and with their house on the market and close to selling, they were shipping out.
The decision for them to move is, I know, the right one, but it is super hard for me to accept. I find myself shutting down every time we talk about it...we are losing our best friends. I get jealous thinking that our dinners will be spent with someone else, our coffee dates will be with other girls, and even walks around the neighborhood will be spent with some other "replacement". After Chris and I got married, I struggled hard with finding a good group of friends, and even a good girl friend to open up with. I prayed so hard that God would give me those relationships...most all of my other girl friends had moved away and I desperately needed those connections. He gave us Kyle and Nancy and I was thrilled. I remember after we met the Floyd's, I told Chris that I really liked Nancy (if you've met her, how could you not like her? I mean, come on) and hoped to become good friends with her. He would always ask me "Have you talked to Nancy lately?" or "you girls hanging out??" When we moved up to Carmel and into their neighborhood, I was more than excited. I've always wanted one of those relationships where you just walk right into your friends house without knocking; you know where everything is in their kitchen; you feel comfortable being barefoot on their floors; your kids would be safe with them if something happened.... And now they will be gone...
It is the right decision for them to go; they are following God's will which can only be right. It is hard for me to put aside my selfish desires though!! I know God will continue to bless them and me...but this change is hard. I know it doesn't mean our friendship is ending by any means, but things always change when people move away. I have friends that live far away and while we are still friends and talk occasionally, we aren't involved in the day to day stuff. And over time, those close bonds always seem to stretch themselves thinner and thinner. I just have to pray that God will keep us close...because they can't get rid of me that easily!!!
So, to the Floyd's: I love you. You will be greatly missed, not just by us, but by so many others who also consider you family. You will always be welcome in our home. Avery is going to miss you so much but I know she talks to you on her fake phone so just don't let that get out of control. She does have a bedtime... Thank you for being such great friends to us; for praying with and for us; for supporting us and always opening yourselves up to be real with us. You have been the greatest ass-kicking best friend neighbors of all time.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

This year on Mother's Day, I had an extra special gift...we dedicated Isaiah to Jesus! I was very excited to learn a month ago that the next dedication at Lakeview would be Mother's Day. How awesome is that?! Our family and friends, whether present or not at the service, I know have been and will continue to pray for us. I love that on a day where I am honored, I was able to give back to God what he has so generously given to me. I can only pray and hope that Isaiah is like David, a man after God's own heart.