Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Blues

Well this Thanksgiving wasn't quite the success I was hoping for. Avery had been having a runny nose a couple days before, which I figured was just teething or who knows why. Kids are kids and their noses run, right? Well, I could tell something was wrong Wed. when after she got up that morning, all she wanted to do was have me hold her. We sat on the couch for an hour and she just cuddled up with me...naturally, this sent up a huge red flag! Avery is never one to cuddle!! Thanksgiving comes and my poor baby still isn't feeling well. She was fussy all day, didn't sleep well the night before and didn't nap well either. Of course that was also probably due in part to the loud commotion over at my in-laws where the entire extended family was, some of whom were camped outside the room Avery was in hopes that she would wake up faster. At this point, I wasn't feeling too good myself and figured it was just allergies due to my brother-in law's dog, which I've always been sensitive to. We got home that night and I was planning for some midnight black Friday shopping...wrong. I was up until 2am with Avery that night. She was not a happy girl...I could tell something was bothering her because she'd fall asleep for 20 min and then wake up screaming. It was horrible. I was crying too! I wanted to make it better but couldn't and felt so bad that she was hurting! Long story short, we left the dr.'s office Friday with an antibiotic for her first ear infection. Not to bad that we got to almost 19months without an ear infection.
Thankfully, she is doing much better and seems to be back to her old rip everything out of its place, hollering as she goes self. She still has a runny nose and I can tell she isn't 100% but no more cuddling that's for sure! :)
I just hate that from now on, most likely any time our kids are sick, we the parents are going to be sick. Whatever they drag home, we are inevitably going to face ourselves...lame. I'm certain Avery got her sickness from the nursery at church, which makes me not want to take her back. I guess I can't put her in a bubble and hope she never gets sick but sometimes I wish I could.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrible Two's...Already?!

Let me begin with Avery's 18 month check up. She was 24 lb 1 oz and 32" long. Big girl!! According to her percentiles, she's basically right in the middle, which I guess means she's average. I had to fill out a paper for an autism check, which she passed. She also got 2 shots, flu and hepatitis...not a happy camper. Thankfully, the dr. has popcicles for such a time and Avery was fine after that. She has 12 teeth, 4 molars, and 8 front teeth which seems crazy. I can't wait to be over the teething process... Other than that, my baby is normal and healthy. Probably not for long though with odd-ball parents like us...

Avery has been acting more and more like a toddler these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to take her out to eat, unless it's McDonald's, or even go to the grocery. She is just constantly on the move! Ask anyone who knows her; she is a mover. I can't get her to sit still. She also has become quite the actress with her crying skills. She can fake cry at the drop of a hat! It makes me want to pull my hair out. My mom says it's payback...

Avery has also learned how to take her clothes off. Again, my mom insists this is payback since I did the exact same thing when I was a kid, especially when we were in the car. Naturally Avery has taken after me in this regards and loves to take her shoes and socks off anytime she is strapped in. She tries to get her shirt off as well but can't figure it out yet with all the locks and straps. However, she is becoming a master at taking off her pj's. If they are footed ones and there isn't the strap at the top to keep the zipper in place, she will be in a diaper or naked come morning. Last night I put her in pants and a shirt and she had the pants off, hanging nicely over her crib when I walked in this morning. Grr.... How I'm going to chase after her and care for a newborn is beyond my mind.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Time Management

Since I have some spare time right now, I figured, what better way to spend it than writing a new post!

With baby #2 on it's way, I have been very overwhelmed and anxious in thinking about all that is going to change. Not only was I scared to death of taking care of 1 child, now that I know what all it entails, I will have another one as well. I have no idea what it all looks like, when I'm going to get stuff done, and more importantly, when I'm going to sleep. As a woman, I also worry about my ever changing body, hormones, stretch marks, etc. I dread dieting again and working out...I'm certain the last thing I'm going to want to do after caring for 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a husband is go to the gym so I can "get back in shape"! Ugh.

To help with some of these issues, I have enacted the "chore chart". We started it Nov. 1st so we haven't been doing it that long, but so far, I am VERY excited with the results. I realize that my job is to stay home and take care of things here, and Chris's job is to go to work to make money so I can stay home. However, I get so bogged down sometimes with all the things that need done; I need help! So, we are practicing now that way when baby #2 comes, we will be skilled at our jobs. While I am doing most of the things around the house, Chris is also helping and learning some things as well. I want him to be self-sufficient and know how to do things...mostly so that if something happens to me he will know how to do a load of laundry. But also, so when the kids get older and ask, he'll be able to show them that "daddy knows"!

The chore chart has also really helped me stay ahead of things too! Mondays in the past were usually the day I tried to cram everything in during Avery's nap. Of course nothing ever got completed and I would spend the rest of the week catching up. Now, Mondays are just laundry days. Tuesdays are bathroom days, etc. It's also nice because now I can actually try and rest during Avery's nap rather than do every little detail around the house.

I've also decided that the reason why people have kids, is so that one day their kids can do all the chores themselves and then the parents can actually take it easy! :) That's my plan anyway. Avery already "changes" her dolly's diaper, which I think will really help when the baby comes and she can take over that area. She helps me load the washing machine, wipe off the counters, and feed the dogs. Cinderella, Cinderella...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, we survived trick or treating this year! My little lioness did a wonderful job going door to door...well, only about 4 doors but nonetheless. She did excellent in her hand-made costume and seemed to actually not mind being in it. I can't wait until next year when she's even more aware of what is happening. And hopefully she'll be able to enjoy some of the candy benefits too. Until then, I guess daddy and I will help out. :)

My little baby is becoming a big girl every day! She finished her sign language class and probably knows 30-40 signs. She does such a great job of listening to us and knowing what we say...it's just hard to interpret what she's saying! She's still only saying one syllable of a word, but I know one day I'll hear her say a sentence or something. I'm not worried or rushing it...she'll do it when she's ready. I know she's smart and understand things...and she's communicating with us, whether in a sign or grunt!

I can't believe her 18 month check up is only a week away. It's hard for me to comprehend that we are adding another baby to the mix as well. I just can't picture myself with 2 kids. Scary. Hopefully Avery will be able to help me out! I would definitely think so...she's already tried changing her monkey's diaper, she cleans her lambie's ears, and helps push her dolly in the stroller. If only I could get her to run the vacuum and wash the dishes...