Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby #2 News

Today was my first OB check up and ultrasound for baby numero dos. It was exciting to finally be at this point; although I feel more like I'm 16 wks pregnant than 8. The heartbeat was excellent, 156 bpm. Other than that, there isn't much to meet the eye at an 8 wk ultrasound. The baby sort of looks like an alien fish and is about the size of a strawberry so there isn't much to see. But I got the peace of mind that there is a heartbeat and thankfully, only 1 baby. My due date is set for Feb. 26th, 2011. Eesh. I can already feel it creeping up on me...

I am absolutely exhausted, 24/7. I feel like everyone sees me as lazy, since our house is a disaster, the dogs are dirty, the lawn needs mowed, blah blah. I don't have much energy to play with Avery during the day and when she naps, I nap. I know I'll get passed this but this is the reason why I wasn't ready for a baby yet. I guess I was hoping for Avery to be more self-sufficient and able to help me with things around the house before I got knocked up. It's extremely difficult to handle stuff and I don't even have a paying full time job. I have much regard for women who work on top of taking care of a household. Yikes.

Dinner is a no-show...I haven't had much of an appetite. Even when I do, I go through the whole process of preparing and making the meal, only to taste one bite and want to throw up. Just makes me not want to cook anything or go out to eat, since it's a hit or miss as to whether I'm going to like it. Thankfully I haven't been sick, just extreme nausea. This too shall pass.

I'm excited for this next chapter. God has given us another miracle; something to be celebrated. It will be interesting for sure how the transition is from 1 to 2. Plus, seeing Avery with another kid, having to share (toys, mommy's time, food, and who knows what else) and learning from each other will be fun. Cheers!!

Top 5 Pregnancy Must-Have's

Since I haven't been sleeping the greatest lately, I have had lots of time to think whilst lying in bed. Last night, I came up with this list that I thought would be beneficial for some of you first-timers out there.

5. Lotion: Once you skin starts stretching and pulling, you are going to need some good quality lotion. My belly and back were the worst; just itching all the time. Invest in some nice lotion that will be sure to help your dry skin. I don't necessarily buy into the "no stretch mark" lotion, but I do like the Palmer's Cocoa Butter one, for it's smell and creaminess.

4. Bella Band: I know there are other techniques for keeping your pre-pregnancy pants longer, but the bella band is one thing you will want. I LOVE mine, and used it throughout my entire pregnancy and thereafter. I like mine because it helps keep maternity pants up, sort of acting as a belt, but without being too tight. I also wore it after I delivered, because I couldn't fit into regular pants and my maternity pants were just a bit too big. I even tried the knock-off brands but I just wasn't as pleased with the quality of the material and durability.

3. Weekly Bath Time: Set aside some "you" time, at least one night a week. Whether you have kids or not, it's always nice to spend some time alone. Once your bundle of joy arrives, you won't have much time for you anymore, so take advantage now! Get some Calgon Bubble Bath, a couple magazines, candles, music, whatever it takes to help you relax. Tell your spouse to leave you alone for an hour and unplug.

2. Snack Bag: Oh the joy of cravings and nausea! I always have a snack bag, whether in addition to my purse or in the car, always keep food on hand. Get a cute bag and fill it with all the things you like... I usually put in a bottle water, ritz, saltines, granola bars, pop tarts, etc. Anything that will help curb an appetite! With the invention of 100 cal packs, it makes it a heck of a lot nicer to carry food. I don't know how many times I would get stuck in traffic, be waiting for a table for dinner out, at the movies, whatever and I would be dying for something to eat! Might as well get used to carrying another bag anyway with the future of the diaper bag at the ready.

1. Body Pillow: My number 1 item...the body pillow. Mine is the Leachco Smart Snoogle...and it rocks. Sleeping gets more and more difficult, the bigger you get. I'm a stomach sleeper so trying to adjust to side-sleeping is horrible. I hate it and can't ever get comfortable. With the help of the body pillow, I can sort of sleep half stomach/half side for a bit longer. Then, when it gets too uncomfortable, side sleeping is definitely easier. It helps not put so much pressure on my shoulders, which is why I love it. Get one!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

VACATION! Wow, what a neat, exhausting, fun, stressful time that was! I can see how taking your kids on vacation is nice but I can also see how mommy and daddy might need their own vacation too. The trip started off well, with us flying down to Pensacola. Avery did so good on the flights down; she slept most of the way which was very nice. Of course once we got to the house we were staying at, she wanted to explore her new surroundings.

plane ride down. ahh so peaceful.

our house for the week

She behaved nicely the whole week we were there and I was quite surprised. She didn't really fuss or whine a lot, probably because there were 8 adults willing to entertain her at any moment. She did great at the beach and really liked to play in the sand. I can't imagine living near the beach though and having kids bring back half the beach with them. There was sand everywhere and in every bodily crevice.

avery wanting to make sand angels.

then she found someone's sand castle and destroyed it!

The plane ride home was not so much fun. Daddy kept Avery awake the whole 2 hr trip to the airport so I think she was quite tired and crabby once we got there. His hope was that by keeping her awake, she would sleep. It definitely backfired. Avery isn't a baby anymore so holding her while she sleeps is always a bad idea. We had no choice though and she just didn't like it. She cried the entire plane ride home! I felt horrible and I know Chris was even more mortified but there was no pleasing her. We tried the entire bag of toys, food, snacks, drinks, suckers, etc. She just wanted to be off that plane, as I'm sure the entire fleet of passengers would have agreed.

Anyway, it was a nice time to spend doing nothing and relaxing for the most part. It's tough though, having a child. Your entire day is spent planning someone else's schedule...when is nap time, lunch time, next nap, if we go out what do we need to take? food, diapers, wipes, toys, etc. It's a constant job of entertaining, teaching and learning. I'm ready for her to be more self-sufficient and able to do things more without my help. One day I guess...