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Growing Pains

Today I was suddenly overcome with the realization that one day, my sweet baby girl will be a grown up. She will no longer desire me to tuck her in at night, to kiss all over her chubby cheeks, to squeeze her, and hold her as long as possible. No, one day, she won't want any of it. I tried thinking about doing these things to my mom when I was a kid. Of course I don't remember doing it but I'm sure she does. Although, with my mom's record of recollection, I might have a good chance that she doesn't remember... At any rate, I know it will be here before I know it. I might as well cherish the few moments a have in comparison to her lifetime.

My "grown up" baby is on the move. She is walking everywhere and all the time. It isn't too bad keeping up with her yet. She doesn't go far from me if I do let her walk when we are out in public. I know soon enough though, she will see it as a game and want to run from me always.
She has just started to actually p…