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April Showers

Oh how the tears are flowing. I think Avery has discovered a bit of her emotions and the expression of them. Lately, she's been very, shall I say, vocal, in this new found personality trait. She has discovered that when she cries and wails in the middle of Meijer, that I will have no choice but to pick her up and hold her. Ugh. She leaves me no choice!! I tried pushing her around, letting her cry these huge tears when the looks from fellow onlookers started to pierce my skull.
Even at night, before bed, she seems to be extremely needy. She's even started to not want other people hold her at certain times. Sometimes I'll be holding her and she won't go to Chris, other times my mom will hold her and she won't come to me. Not sure what that is about.
She's still working on the walking. She'll push a chair or one of her toys around while holding and walking. She's taken a few accidental steps which I don't believe were intended. She has started to try and…