Saturday, January 23, 2010


Good Times!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Nonsense

I just have a bunch of thoughts floating around in my head and felt like sharing...

I think it's funny how I can be in a totally separate room and I can smell Avery has pooped. Or have the radio on in the basement and somehow hear her cry in her room upstairs. Weird. Sometimes, I even wake up at night like my body subconsciously hears her crying, and she's at my mom's house. I wonder if there is some sort of connection between moms and daughters, that develops from them being in your belly for so long.

Avery is 8 1/2 months and still has no teeth. Still no signs of teeth but hopefully soon she'll get some. She has started waving, which is really cool. I'll say, "Avery, say bye" and I'll wave. Then she does! But only isn't a consistent thing yet. She's also started being really talkative in the car. She's just making noises or putting "words" together, "da da, ba ba, ya ya, etc. but sometimes she just yells DA! really loud and long. It's so funny. I keep trying to get her to say momma but she always repeats with da da.

She has started getting into everything. She's constantly pulling up on things, opening cabinets, drawers, books...basically anything within her reach. I caught her yesterday in the dog food bowl, with a piece of dog food in her mouth. She's also pulling up to standing in her crib, but since she isn't very strong, she falls over after a few seconds. She has bruises all over her head...I'm still trying to find a helmet for her so people don't think I abuse her.

For awhile, Avery would cry hysterically at dinner time, when I tried feeding her. I have switched back to Gerber 2nd foods, which seem to be going much better. Maybe she thinks they taste better than the others. I've tried giving her 3rd foods, but she still struggles with getting the bigger chunks down. She doesn't understand the concept of chewing and swallowing. She just holds everything in her mouth. I fed her some egg yolks and she ate them fine. But 5 min. later had every piece just shoved in her mouth like a chipmunk. I am struggling though with what to feed I try to add in new things and textures so she can get used to them. Cottage cheese, chunks of cooked carrots, bananas. But again, she can't swallow them well. It's a work in progress. She is much better at feeding herself too. I gave her some puffs and she had it down, the hand to mouth action was excellent.

Bath time is quite fun. She just noticed the water running from the spout a few days ago. She tries to grab the water and it's comical to see her facial expressions when she realizes she can't hold it. But she keeps trying. And she wants to crawl around in the tub for her toys which is hard since she is so slippery! I never honestly knew that babies were so slippery when wet. They should come with a warning label. She keeps pulling up in the bath tub too which is again dangerous yet cool to see her growing.

I feel like blogs are the new baby book. When Avery was firstborn, I was religiously writing in her baby book. I haven't written a thing in there for probably 4 months. Plus, I've taken 1,349 pictures, all of which I want to cram in there but know they won't fit. How am I supposed to narrow the field by choosing "good" pictures? I think they are all good and cute! It's like scrapbooking. Who has time to do that?! In the 3-4 hours a day that Avery is napping, out of all the things for me to do, updating her baby book is not high on my list. Hopefully I can archive these blog posts for her one day...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Figure Friendly

I guess there comes a point when you can no longer use the "I just had a baby" excuse before you realize the need to lose some poundage. For me, it was about 2 months after...and still going strong. Why is it we always have such a huge desire to be skinny, eat healthy, get fit, etc. yet the execution of such said desires is the hardest?
The added pressure from the hubby doesn't make it easier. After receiving those "you look weird" glares throughout pregnancy, it gets even worse afterwards. Your belly is all jiggly from being stretched. Same for your boobs. After lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and sore parts, the glares become "don't you think it's about time to get in shape darling?". Ugh. Even now, 8 months later, I'm still feeling those glares. I know he only means well, and part of keeping the marriage alive is pleasing my husband's needs of having an attractive wife. However, I feel like those carbs, sugar, and fattening foods have much stronger voices and stares than my husband.
Why is it that I only have 12 pounds to lose and yet I feel like I'm a contestant on the Biggest Loser?! My body is in so much pain from working out (yes, all 2 workouts I've done in 4 days), and I've got 2 Ironman training crazy men barking at me to eat more foliage. And all I want to do is have some french fries and a milkshake and call it a day. That's why part of me just wants to be pregnant again...I love the feeling that there is no pressure to suck in my gut along with the added bonus of it not mattering that my belly hangs over my underwear.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avery Update

With so many intelligent thoughts running through my head on what I can blog about next, I forgot to update you all on Avery!

She is nearly 8 months old, which is very weird to say. I know I'll blink and she'll be 16, going to the prom. But before we get there, focus on now. I'm assuming she's mabye 20 pounds, although I have no clue. She still has no teeth and I don't think they are coming any time soon. I have this feeling that she'll be at her first birthday, gumming her cake like some 98 yr. old woman. Oh well. Oral hygiene of her is one less thing I have to worry about and add to my to-do list. I've decide today that she is offically crawling. Earlier, I put my cell phone across the room on the floor and she immediately crawled over to it. Ugh. My days of plopping her down in one spot and returning 12 min. later and she's still there are over. She has also decided to try and pull up on things. Not so exciting. She isn't strong enough so she gets sorta there and plummets to the ground. Cue the tears. She has this plastic tree thing and she tried pulling up on it...and since it weighs 1.4lb's, she immediately fell over and hit her head. I think people are going to start thinking I abuse my baby! She has more bruises than a peach. She's constantly running into things, falling over, hitting herself. And the bath tub is the worst! She tries crawling around in there and slips and bumps her head or falls back. This must be why parents put their kids in bubbles...
Side bar. I looked at some figures yesterday, and in baby food, formula, and diapers, we spend close to $165 a month! SO, I have this genius idea, which I must share. 1 jar of food is ~50cents. I bought a bag of frozen green beans for $1. I steamed them then blended them and added some water. This makes ~6 jars worth of food...which clearly will be a substantial savings. Chris said we would be spending $60 on food, whereas with this idea, it would be about $20. Holla. I'm so pumped! I'm going to test it with fruits too. I can't wait!

Crazy Stages

Don't you ever wonder, why there are so many crazy people in the world? They all seem so more apparent when you are either trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or have had a kid. It's like, all the sudden some magical magnet gets turned on in you and these people are just drawn to you.

The Before: This is the stage of either trying to get pregnant, or just simply not being pregnant. It's like, the second after you get married, people are always asking "When are you going to have a baby!?". As if it's any of their business to begin with... I mean, can't the enjoyment of marriage be had first? And then, after it's been a couple years, the previous question turns into "Don't you even want kids?" or "Do you not like kids?", etc. What is it with these people? Or even worse, you get those comments, most often from women who have kids, such as "Well, when you get pregnant, you'll just love it so much. It's the best thing ever". First, have these women not had a cupcake from the Flying Cupcake? Because I'm pretty sure that might be the best thing ever. Second, what is fun about gaining 30+ pounds, stretch marks, internal movements and hiccups, lack of sex, slimy birth stuff and then the prospect of actually getting the baby out of your poor body. Yes that sounds grand. Where can I sign up?

The During: This is when you are pregnant. Which is nearly the worst stage, however, stage 3 I think is far worse. Along with said items listed before, you now have crazy people talking to you wherever you go. Strangers ask you when you're due, is it a boy/girl, do you have a name, is this your first, do you have the room decorated, are you going to breastfeed, yadda yadda yadda. Like I want to share what I'm doing with my breasts to complete strangers. Then of course you get everyones advice on all topics of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. I'm pretty sure the majority of parents out there need to be seeking professional help in parenting, not giving advice on how to parent. Oh, and the constant belly touching is weird, especially from strangers. It's like they see that belly and they reach, instinctively. Maybe that's where the magnet is housed. That must be why your belly gets so's the magnet growing to only enhance the radar of the crazy's.

The After: Post-birth. In my opinion, the worst stage. Babies must transfer the stupid magnet that was housed in your womb, onto themselves. The attraction is now intensified whenever you have your baby with you. Now you get all sorts of people, asking even more questions that are uncomfortable. I had Avery dressed in all pink, bows in her hair, her ear are pierced....and still had someone ask if she was a girl or boy. Honestly?! Additionally, the constant parenting advice that so many seem adamant to give is very annoying. Some from people who are terrible parents...whose children run wild and have very strict rules, from breathing, sleeping, eating, etc. Yes, the epitome of perfection...please, I want your advice!! "Well, when my kid was a baby, we did such and such and it was the best". "You know, if you don't do this, your baby won't develop." Blah. I'm the first time parent here. Let me figure it out and experiment on my kid myself. I'm pretty sure feeding my baby pretzels or giving her juice is not going to hinder her SAT scores.

So, I hope so many of you heed this advice...the next time you go to touch a prego's belly, give parental advice, or make comments regarding any female in any stage, try and think "Is this an obnoxious question that I will one day hate to be asked myself?" This is why I now don't say to a pregnant woman "Gosh, you are so huge! You look like you are going to explode!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Language - My Rant

Why doesn't someone invent some sort of baby translator? Instead of wasting money on leap frogs, gap clothes, organic everything...why not have something that translates what your baby wants??
I have no freakin' clue what Avery is crying about at the moment.. She took about a 45 min nap this morning, which is usually 2 hours. I left her in her crib after she woke up for probably an hour, thinking that she'd go back to sleep. Of course not. Instead, she's rolling around, jabbering, sitting up, throwing her pacifier, blah. So I put her down for her afternoon nap and go figure...she's back up awake within 30 min. As if I wasn't irritated enough from the earlier episode. So, I decide, maybe she just wants to be held, which I am VERY MUCH AGAINST. Babies need to learn how to sleep on their own, by themselves, in their own space. Otherwise, when they need to do that, they don't, because they are used to being held in order to fall asleep. Anyway, I hold her for probably 10 min. and she still cries. I figure, what's the point? If she's going to cry whether I hold her or not, might as well put her back in her crib. This is why a device, which simply interprets their cry to let me know what is wrong, would be so very useful.
See, this is a perfect example of why nothing gets done. I feel as though people (men in particular) have this idea that stay at home moms do nothing all day. Dinner should be ready, the house should be spotless, etc. because I'm at home all day. What else do I have to do? I haven't done anything productive today!! I'm constantly in and out of the nursery, feeding Avery, changing Avery, yelling at the dogs, blah blah. This is why people go nuts.
But, I guess we all just keep going. And we even are insane enough to have more kids! I am guilty of wanting 4. After today, I am rethinking that strategy...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Blog

Well Friends, I'm sorry to keep you in the dark for some time now. It has been ages since I've last posted anything and I do apologize. Loads has been going on and I just haven't had the blog as my top priority. Alas though, I have come to my senses! One of my many resolutions this year it to update the blog more often than once a month...or quarter. I'm also going to take a slightly different approach to the blog. Avery is such a huge part of our lives now, however, there are lots of other things going on that are impacting them also. I want to let you know about all that is going on. So let me clue you in on all the latest!

1. Life change - Relocation. We purchased a house! Finally...I was beginning to dread my mom and dad, and seeing them every day and every night. Sometimes in the middle of the night. In their underwear. After much searching, and walking through TONS of houses, we finally found the one. Well, God had something to do with it too. We now are residence of the lovely town of Westfield. I was very anti-northside prior to the move. I was afraid of an unfamiliar area, no safety net, no parents/family within 15 minutes, and being alone with Avery. But, after the move, I truly believe this is where we are to be. God wants us here, to raise our family, grow in our friendships, and become amazing people. Well, even more amazing. We are pretty much at the top there on that scale.

2. Life Change - Stay at home Mom. I quit my paying job to now have a new job, which pays in smiles. I guess I'd rather have smiles than money...right, who wouldn't??!! As I said before, I was terribly afraid to be alone with Avery. Every since she was born, I had my mom and dad there to take her whenever she had a meltdown, I was tired, bored, etc. But now, it's all on me. And things are going great! I have no idea how it all happened, but I am TRULY blessed beyond measure. My calling in life was always to be a mom. I am satisfied now that I am fulfilling that desire. Every day I thank God that he has blessed us in ways that I never expected, this being one. I'm thankful Chris took a job (which I don't think he likes much) so that I could stay home and raise our family. He has sacrificed so much for me! Thank you Chris.

3. Life Change - Budgeting. Yuck. I feel like budgeting = old adult. However, it's part of life. Part of making it happen, being responsible, blah blah. When we were living with the 'rents, we "budgeted" but not on a strick scale...we had no bills. However, now, we do. Plus, with me not working, we don't have that cushion to have addition fun when we want. So, now things have to be more planned and set out in advance. While this sucks, I'm sure we are just doing what all other people do to save and make a living. But still, I say boo to you, budget.

4. Friendships. I ran out of life change titles... Since our move and my lack of job, I feel like I can focus more on the important things in life. Being closer to our friends has had a tremendous impact. Surrounding ourselves with solid, Christian friends is hugely important to us. They are there for us when we need prayer, uplifting, laughter, help, babysitting (thank you Floyds), and most of all, food. I am excited to see us develop even better relationships this year.

To be honest, I feel like we are following the will of God precisely. In no way am I bragging because we do have hard obsticles to face. But things are falling into place and we have been trusting Him that we are making the right choices in our lives. My hope is that 2010 is an awesome year, with lots more great things to come. If He is for us, who can be against us, right?