Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What does Christmas mean to you?

I was cleaning the basement Sunday and wondered over to our bookcase to find a book to dig into, since I was procrastinating finish up my work. I happened upon The Nativity Story and decided, what a perfect time to read such a book, right before Christmas. It was only 200 pages so I knew it would be a quick read....

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing story. Of course we've all heard the story of how baby Jesus got here, hundreds of time in fact, but the way this particular version put it made me have a new found appreciation for the entire cast. There are so many details I could go into, which I will spare you from, but mainly the way Mary and Joseph handled themselves and the news of their baby was incredible. Mary taking the news from Gabriel by faith; believing that whatever God's will was, she wanted to be used, regardless of what it meant for her life. She was honoring God, yet at what cost I'm sure she had no idea. Joseph, deciding to marry Mary after knowing she was pregnant, he wasn't the father, and apparently they were to raise the Son of God. Talk about pressure!! If only I could reflect their spirit and attitude in my daily life.

From the book, Mary's thoughts: "How was she to raise the Son of God? What was she supposed to do when he got sick? Would he get sick? Would he stub his toe, skin his knees, cut his chin? Would he cry with weariness and wail when he got hungry? Would he run to her arms when he needed comfort, or would he look to Adonai? Would she be a comfort to him...or a disappointment? For she was only a woman, prone to mistakes, too quick to worry, and sometimes too slow to reveal the deep affections of her heart." I myself have wondered these exact things...would Jesus throw a tantrum when Mary told him no, like Avery does?? And even the fact that she was raising THE SAVIOR...incredible!

It's just amazing what a true miracle the birth of Christ was. I feel as though we've become so obsessed with Christmas in the sense of gifts, lights, decorations, Santa, parties, etc. that we sometimes forget what we are truly celebrating. We worry over how many Christmas's we have to attend, what presents to buy our family, snow and traffic, cookie platters and the list goes on and on. I myself have wondered about starting new traditions with my own family but I think the one tradition I must make a priority, is teaching my kids what the meaning of Christmas really is: One Child, sent to earth to change the world.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Last night I watched a few kids for a church near us. There were 3 girls, a 2nd grader, 4th grader, and 5th grader, plus a 2 yr old and then Avery. The 3 older girls were listening to an ipod (which just floored me. an ipod? i had a little red tape player i carted around. makes me feel old...) and singing songs that I didn't even know! Then they started talking about Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Demi Lavato....and I'm sitting there just flashforwarding to when Avery is that big. I just had this realization of how impressionable kids are! How much they soak in, how much they remember and understand, even when I might not think so. It scared me. Let's not go there...

Pregnancy update: Things are going smoothly. I passed my glucose test so no diabetes! I also had blood work done by my endocrinologist and my thyroid is acting normal this pregnancy which is fabulous. I'm 29 wks and still going strong. So far I've gained 13lb which I'm very happy about!! At this point with Avery, I was up about 19lb so I'm feeling good! No Braxton-Hicks thus far which I think is also a bonus. Other than that, I'm just ready for him to be here. Only 10 more weeks...

Avery is talking a lot more now which is great! She blabbers mostly but she does use some words. I LOVE that she now says daddy and mommy, rather than dadda/momma. It just is the sweetest sound. Some words though that sound similar I think she thinks they are the same word. Like Maddie vs Mommy and chow vs cow. I asked her to say chow and she started mooing. She's also getting more bruises and scrapes from being so active and all over the place. My mom said that I was definitely not like that as a toddler so it must be Chris's influence. I am seriously praying that this next baby is more laid back and calm. Otherwise, me and the kids might be medicated.

Avery has also been throwing some more elaborate tantrums, which sometimes drives me near insanity. She will run off to a corner, screaming and crying, and then sit down and pout. I can't stand it! Thankfully she has yet to give this performance in public but I know that day is coming. It's hard not to give her a cookie when she asks (usually right before bed time) but I know it will teach her that she can't have everything she wants. We have to have boundaries. But I guess she'll be pushing those for the next 20 years or more so I might as well get used to it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dreaded "Mom Stories"

We do not have cable and therefore only get about 4 real channels (plus 23 "Jesus" channels). Last night there wasn't anything on so I ended up settling on "Cougar Town". I've watched the show before and haven't been too impressed...though there are some funny one-liners or quotes everyone now and then. Last night though, I found a few things quite interesting and even laid in bed awhile afterwards thinking about the meaning of what was said...

The episode was "Let Yourself Go" (season 2, episode 2 in case you want to watch). I was focusing on the couple Ellie and Andy who have a son, probably 8 months old. They don't like talking about their kid around other people. Ellie refuses to tell "mom stories" because she thinks by doing so, she will be dull and unsexy. Andy can't resist though and tries telling a story about their son and the friends standing by soon pretend to fall asleep and act out a murder/suicide in order to get out of the story altogether.

Alas, the great inner debate begins. How often is it appropriate to discuss your kid (and even pregnancy) around your friends?

Double whammy for me, being that I am now involved in both of those criteria...I feel like a magnet sometimes for these discussions though. More times than I wish to count have I been caught in what suddenly appears as the "mommy group"; moms that somehow gravitate towards one another and feel this "urge to purge" all their latest, most detailed stories regarding their child. Whilst I myself do enjoy the occasional chat with other moms, sharing tips and secrets with each other and learning what works and doesn't for their kid as well as my own. But soon enough, I often times find myself feeling uncomfortable...

I understand I am a parent and I am also pregnant...but does that mean I have some free pass to openly discuss these things with any and all people who will listen? I realize these things are important to myself as well as others, but I also understand that some people don't care that my kid had a massive poop that shot out her diaper or that I pee a little bit when I cough or sneeze because of all the pressure this baby is putting on my bladder. I sometimes have to remind my husband that while I know he enjoys working out, triathlons, biking, etc., that others don't; so we both have to make conscious decisions when around others to not talk constantly about the things we love.

I also want to be sensitive to those around me who don't have kids or who aren't pregnant. After my miscarriage, I was so angry when I was around a pregnant woman, even if she happened to be a close friend. I didn't care what was going on because I was hurting. Sometimes I wish others took to heart this message... We don't know what others are going through or what kind of day they've had. I also want to be sensitive to others who, maybe like myself, have a child but sometimes just don't care. When I get together with people, especially if there aren't children involved, I want to feel like an adult!! In those rare instances when I don't have to deal with a wild 19month old ripping through my house, wiping snot from her nose, cleaning poop off her butt, and feeding her goldfish, I want to feel "normal". I don't want to think about my child or the fact that I look like a whale. I want to have conversations about real things, not Mickey Mouse or Shrek. Is that too much to ask?
Now, I don't want to seem harsh, like I never want to discuss my baby or what she's doing. I'd LOVE to tell anyone that will listen about how perfect she is; and I'm sure I often do! But suffice it to say there is a time and a place for it all. I take such joy in all that Avery does and am so excited to see her growing, but I realize that sharing those things with others is sometimes okay and sometimes not okay (or okay to a certain point).
So now that I have your attention, I've got just the story about Avery to tell you. Oh....not the right time is it?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Blues

Well this Thanksgiving wasn't quite the success I was hoping for. Avery had been having a runny nose a couple days before, which I figured was just teething or who knows why. Kids are kids and their noses run, right? Well, I could tell something was wrong Wed. when after she got up that morning, all she wanted to do was have me hold her. We sat on the couch for an hour and she just cuddled up with me...naturally, this sent up a huge red flag! Avery is never one to cuddle!! Thanksgiving comes and my poor baby still isn't feeling well. She was fussy all day, didn't sleep well the night before and didn't nap well either. Of course that was also probably due in part to the loud commotion over at my in-laws where the entire extended family was, some of whom were camped outside the room Avery was in hopes that she would wake up faster. At this point, I wasn't feeling too good myself and figured it was just allergies due to my brother-in law's dog, which I've always been sensitive to. We got home that night and I was planning for some midnight black Friday shopping...wrong. I was up until 2am with Avery that night. She was not a happy girl...I could tell something was bothering her because she'd fall asleep for 20 min and then wake up screaming. It was horrible. I was crying too! I wanted to make it better but couldn't and felt so bad that she was hurting! Long story short, we left the dr.'s office Friday with an antibiotic for her first ear infection. Not to bad that we got to almost 19months without an ear infection.
Thankfully, she is doing much better and seems to be back to her old rip everything out of its place, hollering as she goes self. She still has a runny nose and I can tell she isn't 100% but no more cuddling that's for sure! :)
I just hate that from now on, most likely any time our kids are sick, we the parents are going to be sick. Whatever they drag home, we are inevitably going to face ourselves...lame. I'm certain Avery got her sickness from the nursery at church, which makes me not want to take her back. I guess I can't put her in a bubble and hope she never gets sick but sometimes I wish I could.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrible Two's...Already?!

Let me begin with Avery's 18 month check up. She was 24 lb 1 oz and 32" long. Big girl!! According to her percentiles, she's basically right in the middle, which I guess means she's average. I had to fill out a paper for an autism check, which she passed. She also got 2 shots, flu and hepatitis...not a happy camper. Thankfully, the dr. has popcicles for such a time and Avery was fine after that. She has 12 teeth, 4 molars, and 8 front teeth which seems crazy. I can't wait to be over the teething process... Other than that, my baby is normal and healthy. Probably not for long though with odd-ball parents like us...

Avery has been acting more and more like a toddler these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to take her out to eat, unless it's McDonald's, or even go to the grocery. She is just constantly on the move! Ask anyone who knows her; she is a mover. I can't get her to sit still. She also has become quite the actress with her crying skills. She can fake cry at the drop of a hat! It makes me want to pull my hair out. My mom says it's payback...

Avery has also learned how to take her clothes off. Again, my mom insists this is payback since I did the exact same thing when I was a kid, especially when we were in the car. Naturally Avery has taken after me in this regards and loves to take her shoes and socks off anytime she is strapped in. She tries to get her shirt off as well but can't figure it out yet with all the locks and straps. However, she is becoming a master at taking off her pj's. If they are footed ones and there isn't the strap at the top to keep the zipper in place, she will be in a diaper or naked come morning. Last night I put her in pants and a shirt and she had the pants off, hanging nicely over her crib when I walked in this morning. Grr.... How I'm going to chase after her and care for a newborn is beyond my mind.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Time Management

Since I have some spare time right now, I figured, what better way to spend it than writing a new post!

With baby #2 on it's way, I have been very overwhelmed and anxious in thinking about all that is going to change. Not only was I scared to death of taking care of 1 child, now that I know what all it entails, I will have another one as well. I have no idea what it all looks like, when I'm going to get stuff done, and more importantly, when I'm going to sleep. As a woman, I also worry about my ever changing body, hormones, stretch marks, etc. I dread dieting again and working out...I'm certain the last thing I'm going to want to do after caring for 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a husband is go to the gym so I can "get back in shape"! Ugh.

To help with some of these issues, I have enacted the "chore chart". We started it Nov. 1st so we haven't been doing it that long, but so far, I am VERY excited with the results. I realize that my job is to stay home and take care of things here, and Chris's job is to go to work to make money so I can stay home. However, I get so bogged down sometimes with all the things that need done; I need help! So, we are practicing now that way when baby #2 comes, we will be skilled at our jobs. While I am doing most of the things around the house, Chris is also helping and learning some things as well. I want him to be self-sufficient and know how to do things...mostly so that if something happens to me he will know how to do a load of laundry. But also, so when the kids get older and ask, he'll be able to show them that "daddy knows"!

The chore chart has also really helped me stay ahead of things too! Mondays in the past were usually the day I tried to cram everything in during Avery's nap. Of course nothing ever got completed and I would spend the rest of the week catching up. Now, Mondays are just laundry days. Tuesdays are bathroom days, etc. It's also nice because now I can actually try and rest during Avery's nap rather than do every little detail around the house.

I've also decided that the reason why people have kids, is so that one day their kids can do all the chores themselves and then the parents can actually take it easy! :) That's my plan anyway. Avery already "changes" her dolly's diaper, which I think will really help when the baby comes and she can take over that area. She helps me load the washing machine, wipe off the counters, and feed the dogs. Cinderella, Cinderella...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, we survived trick or treating this year! My little lioness did a wonderful job going door to door...well, only about 4 doors but nonetheless. She did excellent in her hand-made costume and seemed to actually not mind being in it. I can't wait until next year when she's even more aware of what is happening. And hopefully she'll be able to enjoy some of the candy benefits too. Until then, I guess daddy and I will help out. :)

My little baby is becoming a big girl every day! She finished her sign language class and probably knows 30-40 signs. She does such a great job of listening to us and knowing what we say...it's just hard to interpret what she's saying! She's still only saying one syllable of a word, but I know one day I'll hear her say a sentence or something. I'm not worried or rushing it...she'll do it when she's ready. I know she's smart and understand things...and she's communicating with us, whether in a sign or grunt!

I can't believe her 18 month check up is only a week away. It's hard for me to comprehend that we are adding another baby to the mix as well. I just can't picture myself with 2 kids. Scary. Hopefully Avery will be able to help me out! I would definitely think so...she's already tried changing her monkey's diaper, she cleans her lambie's ears, and helps push her dolly in the stroller. If only I could get her to run the vacuum and wash the dishes...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Growing Girl

Well, I think it's official...Avery has now transfered from 2 naps to 1. Boo. While it's nice that she sleeps later and takes 1 long nap, I just don't like not having much flexibility anymore with her schedule. Before, if she missed one nap, I felt okay about it because I knew we had another to fall back on. Now, it isn't that way! I can see why some parents get very crazy during this time in making sure they are always home for the nap. Blah.

Avery's sign language classes are going great! She did a few signs in class yesterday and the teacher was very impressed. I think it's so great that she is catching on and able to tell me things she wants or needs. Hopefully it will make the coming months and years more bearable as I think most tantrums are from miscommunications in needs and not being able to express them. She knows the sign for book, more, food, milk, drink, bird, fish, love, up, done, and others that she's made up are sun and monsters (for watching her movie). She still isn't talking words yet, but she is making sounds that sound like words...she did "bir" for bird the other day and still "da" for daddy and dog. I'm still not worried. I know once she learns how to talk there won't be any way to get her to stop. I'm enjoying this time of silence. Although, I have notice she babbles a lot more. In the car the other night she was just non-stop "talking". I don't know if she was singing or what but it didn't stop!

She has all 4 of her front teeth now and 2 molars. Her other 2 are coming in but haven't poked through yet. I just can't wait for this teething process to be complete. A friend of ours is a pediatric dental surgeon and she said it's so sad to see the teeth of some toddlers. Parents not brushing their kids teeth or giving them mountain dew in their sippy cups. Sometimes they have to pull all of a kids baby teeth because they are so decayed. After that conversation, I decided to brush Avery's in the morning and evening, just to make sure hers don't fall out.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for future pictures of our first trip to the pumpkin patch! I can't wait for Chris and I to take her. We only get one "first time ____" and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her pick out her pumpkin.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Falling into Fall

With all this cool weather, I am eagerly awaiting pumpkins, candy, and trick or treating! I am even more excited to dress Avery up this year, since she will be even cuter than last year. I still can't decide though as to what she will be though...does it really matter? She will be adorable in anything!!

So here is a "quick" update on all things Avery, who is 16months old!

1. She LOVES Monsters, Inc. She has a made up sign that she does when she wants to watch it, along with her pointing to the tv and grabbing the remote control. It is nice that it keeps her quiet and occupied, but I don't want to get in the habit of her watching it 24/7. Hopefully this is one of those phases I hear about...

2. Books, books, and more books! Avery loves flipping through books, pointing and blabbing about things she sees. Every morning, when I get her out of her crib, she points and says "bo" to where I keep her books in the bedroom. Sometimes she sits still enough for me to read one, but she mostly likes to turn the page and look at pictures.

3. Potty training! While I haven't officially starting this glorious endeavour, Avery has mastered all the mechanics of doing so. She grabs herself, runs to the potty, gets toilet paper, sits on her potty seat, and even wipes! She just doesn't understand the actually pottying part... I'm hoping by 18months though, to start really working on it with her. I've got to get it done before baby #2 so I don't have 2 kids in diapers!

4. Talking is still not happening. While she does get the first sounds out, like "du" for dog or duck, "da" for dadda, etc., she doesn't say any actual words. I've been teaching her some sign language, which has been helpful so she can sign some of her needs. She knows "more", "milk" which she uses for any sort of drink, "food", and "baby". We've signed up for a class this month too to learn even more signs. I'm very much looking forward to it!

5. Belly time...for some reason, she is very in to her belly. She is constantly lifting up her shirt and pointing to her belly. She then wants to lift up anyone else's shirt to point to their belly. It's strange... But she doesn't know all of her body parts, which is nice. Ears, toes, tongue, etc...and she knows if I say, "where are mommy's eyes?" she will point to mine. Such a smart one!

And there you have it...my baby is growing up!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Not much new to report since my last post... I've been feeling pretty good, although this heat doesn't go well with pregnancy. If I'm outside for too long, it makes me feel like blowing chunks. In other good news, I went to my 12wk check up and heard the baby's heartbeat, which is the sweetest relief.

Avery is growing up so fast. She is 15 months now... She has been really working on getting some teeth! She just had 4 for the longest time, but in the past couple weeks, she has about 2 more on top and 1 more on bottom, plus she's working on some molars. And she has been quite the peach let me tell you! I feel bad...I wish they were just born with teeth so they didn't have to experience it later. She has been biting me too, which is not enjoyable. I smack her and tell her "NO that hurts!" and she just cries and cries. It really hurts though!! Ahh, I can't wait for the "terrible-two's"...

I have signed Avery and I up for a baby sign language class. I've been working with her on some signs but I don't know every thing (shocking I know) so we joined a class at the Monon Center. I'm very excited about it! She seems to do well with some signs but others she just stares at me like, "Why are you moving your hands so much?" She has been getting so good at doing hand motions though to songs. Her favorite is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I love watching her get so excited about it! Sometimes we watch videos on YouTube and she gets very upset when I tell her no more.

I hate all this heat! I want to take Avery outside, to play at her water table or go to the park where there are water areas for kids. I just can't stand it out! Plus, I worry she'll get overheated too. I just want some relief... I guess this is where it would be nice to have my own indoor pool...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby #2 News

Today was my first OB check up and ultrasound for baby numero dos. It was exciting to finally be at this point; although I feel more like I'm 16 wks pregnant than 8. The heartbeat was excellent, 156 bpm. Other than that, there isn't much to meet the eye at an 8 wk ultrasound. The baby sort of looks like an alien fish and is about the size of a strawberry so there isn't much to see. But I got the peace of mind that there is a heartbeat and thankfully, only 1 baby. My due date is set for Feb. 26th, 2011. Eesh. I can already feel it creeping up on me...

I am absolutely exhausted, 24/7. I feel like everyone sees me as lazy, since our house is a disaster, the dogs are dirty, the lawn needs mowed, blah blah. I don't have much energy to play with Avery during the day and when she naps, I nap. I know I'll get passed this but this is the reason why I wasn't ready for a baby yet. I guess I was hoping for Avery to be more self-sufficient and able to help me with things around the house before I got knocked up. It's extremely difficult to handle stuff and I don't even have a paying full time job. I have much regard for women who work on top of taking care of a household. Yikes.

Dinner is a no-show...I haven't had much of an appetite. Even when I do, I go through the whole process of preparing and making the meal, only to taste one bite and want to throw up. Just makes me not want to cook anything or go out to eat, since it's a hit or miss as to whether I'm going to like it. Thankfully I haven't been sick, just extreme nausea. This too shall pass.

I'm excited for this next chapter. God has given us another miracle; something to be celebrated. It will be interesting for sure how the transition is from 1 to 2. Plus, seeing Avery with another kid, having to share (toys, mommy's time, food, and who knows what else) and learning from each other will be fun. Cheers!!

Top 5 Pregnancy Must-Have's

Since I haven't been sleeping the greatest lately, I have had lots of time to think whilst lying in bed. Last night, I came up with this list that I thought would be beneficial for some of you first-timers out there.

5. Lotion: Once you skin starts stretching and pulling, you are going to need some good quality lotion. My belly and back were the worst; just itching all the time. Invest in some nice lotion that will be sure to help your dry skin. I don't necessarily buy into the "no stretch mark" lotion, but I do like the Palmer's Cocoa Butter one, for it's smell and creaminess.

4. Bella Band: I know there are other techniques for keeping your pre-pregnancy pants longer, but the bella band is one thing you will want. I LOVE mine, and used it throughout my entire pregnancy and thereafter. I like mine because it helps keep maternity pants up, sort of acting as a belt, but without being too tight. I also wore it after I delivered, because I couldn't fit into regular pants and my maternity pants were just a bit too big. I even tried the knock-off brands but I just wasn't as pleased with the quality of the material and durability.

3. Weekly Bath Time: Set aside some "you" time, at least one night a week. Whether you have kids or not, it's always nice to spend some time alone. Once your bundle of joy arrives, you won't have much time for you anymore, so take advantage now! Get some Calgon Bubble Bath, a couple magazines, candles, music, whatever it takes to help you relax. Tell your spouse to leave you alone for an hour and unplug.

2. Snack Bag: Oh the joy of cravings and nausea! I always have a snack bag, whether in addition to my purse or in the car, always keep food on hand. Get a cute bag and fill it with all the things you like... I usually put in a bottle water, ritz, saltines, granola bars, pop tarts, etc. Anything that will help curb an appetite! With the invention of 100 cal packs, it makes it a heck of a lot nicer to carry food. I don't know how many times I would get stuck in traffic, be waiting for a table for dinner out, at the movies, whatever and I would be dying for something to eat! Might as well get used to carrying another bag anyway with the future of the diaper bag at the ready.

1. Body Pillow: My number 1 item...the body pillow. Mine is the Leachco Smart Snoogle...and it rocks. Sleeping gets more and more difficult, the bigger you get. I'm a stomach sleeper so trying to adjust to side-sleeping is horrible. I hate it and can't ever get comfortable. With the help of the body pillow, I can sort of sleep half stomach/half side for a bit longer. Then, when it gets too uncomfortable, side sleeping is definitely easier. It helps not put so much pressure on my shoulders, which is why I love it. Get one!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

VACATION! Wow, what a neat, exhausting, fun, stressful time that was! I can see how taking your kids on vacation is nice but I can also see how mommy and daddy might need their own vacation too. The trip started off well, with us flying down to Pensacola. Avery did so good on the flights down; she slept most of the way which was very nice. Of course once we got to the house we were staying at, she wanted to explore her new surroundings.

plane ride down. ahh so peaceful.

our house for the week

She behaved nicely the whole week we were there and I was quite surprised. She didn't really fuss or whine a lot, probably because there were 8 adults willing to entertain her at any moment. She did great at the beach and really liked to play in the sand. I can't imagine living near the beach though and having kids bring back half the beach with them. There was sand everywhere and in every bodily crevice.

avery wanting to make sand angels.

then she found someone's sand castle and destroyed it!

The plane ride home was not so much fun. Daddy kept Avery awake the whole 2 hr trip to the airport so I think she was quite tired and crabby once we got there. His hope was that by keeping her awake, she would sleep. It definitely backfired. Avery isn't a baby anymore so holding her while she sleeps is always a bad idea. We had no choice though and she just didn't like it. She cried the entire plane ride home! I felt horrible and I know Chris was even more mortified but there was no pleasing her. We tried the entire bag of toys, food, snacks, drinks, suckers, etc. She just wanted to be off that plane, as I'm sure the entire fleet of passengers would have agreed.

Anyway, it was a nice time to spend doing nothing and relaxing for the most part. It's tough though, having a child. Your entire day is spent planning someone else's schedule...when is nap time, lunch time, next nap, if we go out what do we need to take? food, diapers, wipes, toys, etc. It's a constant job of entertaining, teaching and learning. I'm ready for her to be more self-sufficient and able to do things more without my help. One day I guess...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Pains

Today I was suddenly overcome with the realization that one day, my sweet baby girl will be a grown up. She will no longer desire me to tuck her in at night, to kiss all over her chubby cheeks, to squeeze her, and hold her as long as possible. No, one day, she won't want any of it. I tried thinking about doing these things to my mom when I was a kid. Of course I don't remember doing it but I'm sure she does. Although, with my mom's record of recollection, I might have a good chance that she doesn't remember... At any rate, I know it will be here before I know it. I might as well cherish the few moments a have in comparison to her lifetime.

My "grown up" baby is on the move. She is walking everywhere and all the time. It isn't too bad keeping up with her yet. She doesn't go far from me if I do let her walk when we are out in public. I know soon enough though, she will see it as a game and want to run from me always.
She has just started to actually point at things, which is so neat. Before, she'd just stick her whole hand out and grunt. Now, she puts her tiny pointed finger out and grunts. It's quite an improvement!
And alas, she has said "momma". Although I don't think she is saying it with any intent on recognizing her primary caretaker, but beggars can't be choosers right? She doesn't really say a whole lot, but I know she understands me. I can tell her to "get her dolly" or "give me that" or "where's your belly?" and she will kindly obey my commands. Sometimes I feel like she is a dog though...always teaching her new "tricks" and constantly showing people. I need to get a bag of treats to start rewarding her with. Some kids focus on different things though...with Avery it's her motor skills instead of speech. Which I'm fine with! I know once she learns words and their meaning, she most likely won't stop talking. I might as well savor the silence.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mommy Advice...

Calling all Mom's! We are going on vacation and we will be flying with Avery. This will be our first flight so I am very anxious as to how she will do. I'm not worried so much with the crying, but rather, the sitting still for more than 2 min. part.
The dr. told me that we could get some benadryl and that might help to sedate her a bit...So I want to know, what do other families do when they travel with kids? Have you tried this? Does it work? Any other suggestions or tips for flying with kids?
Also, how are the airlines with food, drinks, toys, carseats, etc. when you have kids? I'm sure we'll have a small stroller, plus a million other things. And what about changing a diaper on an airplane?? That does not sound fun...
I just want some advice and tips that you have from your experiences in this. Thanks!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One year and on the Move

Finally! The biggest milestone yet...1 year old! I can't believe what an incredible journey the past year has been. I look back at those first few weeks and now I realize, that was the easy part. The rollercoaster I've been on has been fast and crazy at times, but I know it will only get better. Despite the toddler years approaching, I'm very excited to see what my sweet baby will do.

Here's what she's been up to the past few weeks...

Avery started taking her first few steps at about 11 monts old. Ever since then, I suddenly am more aware of how quickly she is growing. One day it was 2 steps, the next day 5, then 8, 12, 20. It's crazy! Now she tries to run even though she hasn't mastered the art of walking completely. At 11 months I also took away her beloved bottle and switched her to whole milk in a sippy. That first week was so tough! She was very attatched to her ba-ba and it was stressful for me to break her of that. I figured, since she was already mad at me, I might as well take away her pacifier too. Needless to say, it was a rough week. But, at nearly 13 months old, we've moved past those difficult times and my baby is a big girl now!

My mom always said you quickly forget those beginning stages; the process of pregnancy, birth, first few days as a family, etc. and I hate to say, she's right.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I guess my goal of blogging every week has sort of been shot. Oh well. I'm trying right? Lots has been happening since my last post. We went on vacation April 19-24...the day before we left, Avery stood up on her own. Amazing. I was so afraid she would walk while we were gone but thankful she didn't. She has since taken 5 or so steps on her own, which is absolutely the coolest thing to watch. As much as I hope she walks before her birthday next week, I'm terrified of what she'll be like once she masters the skill. She already is non-stop talking, moving, going! Once she figures out how to walk...I think I'm going to have to leave her in the back yard and let her run off all her energy.
She still has yet to say momma. Ugh. So disappointing. She mainly says dadda, dog, ball, and sock. She does blabber and make noise all the time though. I wish I knew what she was thinking! It's neat to see her work through things and try and figure out where something goes and how it fits into something else.
Since Avery will be turning 1, we've definitely taken some steps to better our lives. She'll soon catch on to what we're saying, eating, doing, etc. and I'm sure in no time immitate those behaviors. We've stopped drinking soda, which has been difficult. I love me some Coke Zero!! But, it's nothing but sugar anyway and isn't nutritional whatsoever. We've also been trying to eat healthier; fresh veggies, fruits, etc. Most of the green veggies I have to force myself to eat, but I know it's good for me and I want her to eat those too. I can't justify telling her to do or not do a behavior, when I'm doing just the same. I also have been strict about no texting or cell phone use while driving, even at red lights. So, sorry to all of you who try and get ahold of me during those times. It's terrible that people do those things anyway; there's really no need. It is hard though but I know I don't want her to do it when she drives so I have to set a good example.
We've switched to whole milk, which wasn't that bad of a transition. However, the no bottle transition wasn't as easy. She loves her bottle so for about a week, it was pure rage against me. Plus, I put baby locks on all the cabinets in the kitchen, which she loves playing in. But, she has gotten over her bottle cravings and is doing perfectly well with the sippy cup only. She is such a big girl!!
Other than that, she's just getting bigger every day. I can't believe she'll be a year old this Friday. Time has flown by. I think you notice it more when you have a kid...hopefully it doesn't get worse when you have multiple kids.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers

Oh how the tears are flowing. I think Avery has discovered a bit of her emotions and the expression of them. Lately, she's been very, shall I say, vocal, in this new found personality trait. She has discovered that when she cries and wails in the middle of Meijer, that I will have no choice but to pick her up and hold her. Ugh. She leaves me no choice!! I tried pushing her around, letting her cry these huge tears when the looks from fellow onlookers started to pierce my skull.
Even at night, before bed, she seems to be extremely needy. She's even started to not want other people hold her at certain times. Sometimes I'll be holding her and she won't go to Chris, other times my mom will hold her and she won't come to me. Not sure what that is about.
She's still working on the walking. She'll push a chair or one of her toys around while holding and walking. She's taken a few accidental steps which I don't believe were intended. She has started to try and stand up on her own from a sitting position, without holding onto anything. It's so exciting! I love seeing her work out little things. She is just a sponge!
Tears and sponges. What a fabulous April...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bathroom Blunder

I'm wondering today, as I'm in the bathroom at Meijer, how any woman is supposed to use the bathroom with a child in tow. I can't even imagine how mom's with more than one child can juggle it! Let me give you the mental picture...
I'm shopping at Meijer today and it hits me, the ever pressing urge to use the restroom. Unfortunately, I am not like my husband in the fact that he can hold it for hours, even days before he goes. When it hits me, I must go immediately, or else be doomed to go in my underwear. So, Avery and I make our way up to the front of the store. I park the cart, unbuckle Avery, grab my purse and at last, head into the bathroom. Thankfully the handicap stall was open, otherwise this would have been even more of a struggle. I go in, lock the door and stop. How am I supposed to get my pants down? Even more to be thankful for, I had on sweats. If jeans were involved with zipper and button...yikes I can't put Avery on the floor...as laid back of a parent as I am, I call it at public restroom cleanliness. I can't put her on the changing table because she would roll off. I'm pretty sure my cart won't fit through the door either so that's out. What? I somehow manage to get my pants down and out of the way, all while jocelling Avery. It's sort of awkward too with a child 2" from your face the entire time you're going to the bathroom. How is that even sanitary? Oh, and I forgot; how are you supposed to lay out toilet paper over the seat while holding a child? You sure as heck can't hover holding one! And Meijer doesn't have those toilet seat covers either, but even so, try putting one of those on! It's like a circus act in this stall!
Needless to say, I did my business and got out of there, all while Avery got a first hand view of how big girls go potty. I don't understand how no one has invented some sort of chair for the handicap stalls for kids to sit in while mommy goes potty. Is that too much to ask?? We have sham wows but no holding tank for kids in the restroom. I thought we lived in America? How has no one invented such a contraption?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Mayhem

Avery, I believe, is teething. What a terrible time f0r baby and parents. She has a runny nose, coughing a bit, refuses food, and wakes up constantly at night! Last night, she was up every 2 hrs, then cl0ser to evey 30 min. UGH! I know she's just a baby and it hurts and I got up loads more often when she was firstborn but this getting up all the time business sucks. I'm not used to it anymore. Plus, I am a big fan of sleep so these interruptions aren't nice. My body gets used to waking up like that after some time so then I find myself waking up at 2am just because?!
She still hasn't walked yet. I'm begging it happens before we go on vacation. I just don't want to miss it! However, I do think it might be awhile before she does on her own. She now occasionally will push something and take a few steps. But then she figures it out and would rather crawl since it's much faster.
I'm struggling with breaking her of the bottle. I've tried giving her formula in every form of a sippy cup and she won't drink it. She takes a few sips and then discovers, this isn't the bottle. She'll drink juice from the cup, but not her formula. I bought some milk and have been putting that in the cup to try and get her used to it too. She still doesn't like it much so I don't know if it means she isn't ready or what. I can't just not give her her bottle...she'll be hungry. Plus, she doesn't understand me withholding the bottle because I want her to drink from the sippy. I just don't know what to do to get her used to not drinking from the bottle. I've tried giving her 4 oz in bottle then 2 oz in cup; I've tried mixing formula and milk...it's just frustrating.
Still no mamma either. She says dadda, a word that sort of sounds like dog, sorta ball, and sorta sock. Oh and ba ba for her bottle. I know though once she figures out how to talk, there will be no shutting her up. She'll be just like me in that regards, and I'm sure Chris too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Clearly it's been awhile since my last post. I feel like my life is an endless pile of laundry, that just never seems to get done. I think this is the closest I'll ever feel to how it was when Jesus fed the 5,000. I know now what those never ending baskets of fish and bread must have been like.
At any rate, things have been busy with Avery. She's still "cruising" as some call it; walking along furniture and basically anything she can hold on to. She can stand on her own, but only for a few seconds before she falls down. Chris claims she took her first steps a couple days ago. However, I think it was more falling gracefully. She tries though, but I just don't think she's strong enough yet. We'll get there. Although it had better happen soon because we leave for vacation in a few weeks!
I'm trying to feed Avery more human food and less baby food. This is very easy in the fruit and snack department, but veggies and meat is more of a struggle. I'm looking forward to the whole milk switch too.
I also must say, as much as I hate the pacifier, I've lapsed and given it back. She did great for a week, then got really sick. I felt horrible and so did she and I thought it would be something to make her feel better. So I caved and gave it back. However, only at bed time, none other. I at least feel good about that.
I just love all the new sounds, noises, consonants and all that she does. It's so exciting to see her grow. Hopefully she'll say mamma soon enough. For now, all is dadda.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Proofing

I remember reading an article once about kids in America vs. UK. It talked about how parents in UK are so much more laid back when it comes to parenting and especially childproofing, vs. Americans. While we have every gadget known to mankind and how to prevent baby from getting into said object, other countries are more relaxed in this approach. Since we've been this way with Avery from birth, this is the approach we are taking.

If you don't want your kid in your toilet, don't let them play in/near the bathroom. I don't need a lock to do that simple job of telling my kid "no". However, with things like outlet covers, we figure we don't want Avery to die electrocuting herself, so we did buy those. She just a few days ago has also figured out how to crawl up the stairs. So baby gates were also a must. She likes to stand at the top of the stairs though, and throw any/all toys down the stairs. Awesome. Cleaning up is now exercise. We also need to get a cover for her crib because she keeps biting the front edge of it and it now has teeth marks all over it. Things to keep in mind for #2's crib...

I just hope that whether it's our approach to babyproofing, parenting, discipline, whatever, that Avery isn't a spoiled child. I don't want to give her everything and do all that I can to cater to her every need. Life isn't that way nor will it treat her that way once she is older. Not that I don't want to do all that I can for her! Just, in a different sort of way.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avery News

Finally, a tooth has started to emerge! Chris notice Sunday (7th) that there were bumps on Avery's bottom gum and alas, she has the beginnings of a tooth. It hasn't yet broken through yet to see white, but I'm still excited she's actually getting teeth! She's been handling it okay I guess...she will be fussy occasionally throughout the day and has been waking up before 6am, which isn't fun for me. She'll also wake up a few times throughout the night but she'll go back to sleep on her own. I'm also not giving her the pacifier this week. Trying to ween her from that, since my biggest pet peeve is children over 1 yr who still have a paci. I decided that they are basically more convenient for parents, rather than kids. I know she'll sleep without it, but it's a matter of her falling asleep in 4 seconds with or having her fuss for 5-10 min. without it before falling asleep. Sure, I hate standing, rubbing her back or laying her back down but I guess that's all apart of being a parent.
She has figured out how to crawl with toys in her hands now. She usually has something in both hands and crawls all over with them, placing them up on the couch or table. She's still pulling up on everything and has started to let go, trying to balance. However, she can't, so she falls right on her butt. She can go from one end of the couch to the other, holding on so I imagine walking isn't too far off.
Feeding times are going much better. She's eating more solid foods, which is super nice. I can't wait to feed her whole milk too! The cost will greatly decrease and I'm very much looking forward to that. She likes cheese slices, pears, goldfish, grahams and cheerios. Still not a fan of pasta, which she must get from Chris. I could eat an entire tub of pasta. Covered in butter. With some parm cheese.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Blues

Avery has really taken to pulling up on pretty much everything she can get her hands on. I don't want to be over-protective either...constantly hovering to make sure she's okay. So I usually let her explore on her own. It seems it doesn't matter if I'm right next to her or in the other room; it only takes a split second for her to fall and bust her head on something. She pulled up on the dining room chair a few days ago and fell and hit her head on the table. She had a HUGE bump on her head and I felt terrible! Today, she was holding on to my legs standing by the computer and she fell and hit her nose. She has a scratch on it and it was very red. AH! I feel so bad that she keeps getting bumps and bruises! But I have to let her learn how to do it. She stands holding something and then can't figure out what to do! She usually can't figure out that she simply needs to sit back down. That's why she falls because she doesn't know what to do. I'm sure she'll figure it out soon enough. In the meantime, I promise I don't hit my child. She hits objects in her path.

Other than standing, she is still waving. Usually if I say "HI" she'll wave. But it's not perfected yet. Still no "momma". Only dadda and diddi; which she keeps repeating and is getting quite old to hear. No teeth either! But I didn't get my first tooth until 9 mo 1 wk and I read where tooth beginnings are hereditary. I figure she must be taking after me on this one.

Feeding is still a struggle. Sometimes I think she just likes to feed herself. She seems to throw a fit when I try to spoon feed her. But then other times it's the opposite. I just feel clueless! For example, tonight, I gave her 1/2 jar of squash, which she ate. Then I tried some spaghetti-o's, which she took 4-5 bites of and then refused. So I tried some cottage cheese - same result. Then I tried some bread and she took maybe 1 bite of and then didn't want anymore. I'm just trying to introduce new textures and tastes...sometimes I don't know if it's over kill or not but I guess she's fine. She isn't starving and with those rolls in her thighs, I think she'll survive. I just wish she could tell me what she wants. I'm sure those days will be here before I know it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Good Times!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Nonsense

I just have a bunch of thoughts floating around in my head and felt like sharing...

I think it's funny how I can be in a totally separate room and I can smell Avery has pooped. Or have the radio on in the basement and somehow hear her cry in her room upstairs. Weird. Sometimes, I even wake up at night like my body subconsciously hears her crying, and she's at my mom's house. I wonder if there is some sort of connection between moms and daughters, that develops from them being in your belly for so long.

Avery is 8 1/2 months and still has no teeth. Still no signs of teeth but hopefully soon she'll get some. She has started waving, which is really cool. I'll say, "Avery, say bye" and I'll wave. Then she does! But only sometimes...it isn't a consistent thing yet. She's also started being really talkative in the car. She's just making noises or putting "words" together, "da da, ba ba, ya ya, etc. but sometimes she just yells DA! really loud and long. It's so funny. I keep trying to get her to say momma but she always repeats with da da.

She has started getting into everything. She's constantly pulling up on things, opening cabinets, drawers, books...basically anything within her reach. I caught her yesterday in the dog food bowl, with a piece of dog food in her mouth. She's also pulling up to standing in her crib, but since she isn't very strong, she falls over after a few seconds. She has bruises all over her head...I'm still trying to find a helmet for her so people don't think I abuse her.

For awhile, Avery would cry hysterically at dinner time, when I tried feeding her. I have switched back to Gerber 2nd foods, which seem to be going much better. Maybe she thinks they taste better than the others. I've tried giving her 3rd foods, but she still struggles with getting the bigger chunks down. She doesn't understand the concept of chewing and swallowing. She just holds everything in her mouth. I fed her some egg yolks and she ate them fine. But 5 min. later had every piece just shoved in her mouth like a chipmunk. I am struggling though with what to feed her...so I try to add in new things and textures so she can get used to them. Cottage cheese, chunks of cooked carrots, bananas. But again, she can't swallow them well. It's a work in progress. She is much better at feeding herself too. I gave her some puffs and she had it down, the hand to mouth action was excellent.

Bath time is quite fun. She just noticed the water running from the spout a few days ago. She tries to grab the water and it's comical to see her facial expressions when she realizes she can't hold it. But she keeps trying. And she wants to crawl around in the tub for her toys which is hard since she is so slippery! I never honestly knew that babies were so slippery when wet. They should come with a warning label. She keeps pulling up in the bath tub too which is again dangerous yet cool to see her growing.

I feel like blogs are the new baby book. When Avery was firstborn, I was religiously writing in her baby book. I haven't written a thing in there for probably 4 months. Plus, I've taken 1,349 pictures, all of which I want to cram in there but know they won't fit. How am I supposed to narrow the field by choosing "good" pictures? I think they are all good and cute! It's like scrapbooking. Who has time to do that?! In the 3-4 hours a day that Avery is napping, out of all the things for me to do, updating her baby book is not high on my list. Hopefully I can archive these blog posts for her one day...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Figure Friendly

I guess there comes a point when you can no longer use the "I just had a baby" excuse before you realize the need to lose some poundage. For me, it was about 2 months after...and still going strong. Why is it we always have such a huge desire to be skinny, eat healthy, get fit, etc. yet the execution of such said desires is the hardest?
The added pressure from the hubby doesn't make it easier. After receiving those "you look weird" glares throughout pregnancy, it gets even worse afterwards. Your belly is all jiggly from being stretched. Same for your boobs. After lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and sore parts, the glares become "don't you think it's about time to get in shape darling?". Ugh. Even now, 8 months later, I'm still feeling those glares. I know he only means well, and part of keeping the marriage alive is pleasing my husband's needs of having an attractive wife. However, I feel like those carbs, sugar, and fattening foods have much stronger voices and stares than my husband.
Why is it that I only have 12 pounds to lose and yet I feel like I'm a contestant on the Biggest Loser?! My body is in so much pain from working out (yes, all 2 workouts I've done in 4 days), and I've got 2 Ironman training crazy men barking at me to eat more foliage. And all I want to do is have some french fries and a milkshake and call it a day. That's why part of me just wants to be pregnant again...I love the feeling that there is no pressure to suck in my gut along with the added bonus of it not mattering that my belly hangs over my underwear.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avery Update

With so many intelligent thoughts running through my head on what I can blog about next, I forgot to update you all on Avery!

She is nearly 8 months old, which is very weird to say. I know I'll blink and she'll be 16, going to the prom. But before we get there, focus on now. I'm assuming she's mabye 20 pounds, although I have no clue. She still has no teeth and I don't think they are coming any time soon. I have this feeling that she'll be at her first birthday, gumming her cake like some 98 yr. old woman. Oh well. Oral hygiene of her is one less thing I have to worry about and add to my to-do list. I've decide today that she is offically crawling. Earlier, I put my cell phone across the room on the floor and she immediately crawled over to it. Ugh. My days of plopping her down in one spot and returning 12 min. later and she's still there are over. She has also decided to try and pull up on things. Not so exciting. She isn't strong enough so she gets sorta there and plummets to the ground. Cue the tears. She has this plastic tree thing and she tried pulling up on it...and since it weighs 1.4lb's, she immediately fell over and hit her head. I think people are going to start thinking I abuse my baby! She has more bruises than a peach. She's constantly running into things, falling over, hitting herself. And the bath tub is the worst! She tries crawling around in there and slips and bumps her head or falls back. This must be why parents put their kids in bubbles...
Side bar. I looked at some figures yesterday, and in baby food, formula, and diapers, we spend close to $165 a month! SO, I have this genius idea, which I must share. 1 jar of food is ~50cents. I bought a bag of frozen green beans for $1. I steamed them then blended them and added some water. This makes ~6 jars worth of food...which clearly will be a substantial savings. Chris said we would be spending $60 on food, whereas with this idea, it would be about $20. Holla. I'm so pumped! I'm going to test it with fruits too. I can't wait!

Crazy Stages

Don't you ever wonder, why there are so many crazy people in the world? They all seem so more apparent when you are either trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or have had a kid. It's like, all the sudden some magical magnet gets turned on in you and these people are just drawn to you.

The Before: This is the stage of either trying to get pregnant, or just simply not being pregnant. It's like, the second after you get married, people are always asking "When are you going to have a baby!?". As if it's any of their business to begin with... I mean, can't the enjoyment of marriage be had first? And then, after it's been a couple years, the previous question turns into "Don't you even want kids?" or "Do you not like kids?", etc. What is it with these people? Or even worse, you get those comments, most often from women who have kids, such as "Well, when you get pregnant, you'll just love it so much. It's the best thing ever". First, have these women not had a cupcake from the Flying Cupcake? Because I'm pretty sure that might be the best thing ever. Second, what is fun about gaining 30+ pounds, stretch marks, internal movements and hiccups, lack of sex, slimy birth stuff and then the prospect of actually getting the baby out of your poor body. Yes that sounds grand. Where can I sign up?

The During: This is when you are pregnant. Which is nearly the worst stage, however, stage 3 I think is far worse. Along with said items listed before, you now have crazy people talking to you wherever you go. Strangers ask you when you're due, is it a boy/girl, do you have a name, is this your first, do you have the room decorated, are you going to breastfeed, yadda yadda yadda. Like I want to share what I'm doing with my breasts to complete strangers. Then of course you get everyones advice on all topics of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. I'm pretty sure the majority of parents out there need to be seeking professional help in parenting, not giving advice on how to parent. Oh, and the constant belly touching is weird, especially from strangers. It's like they see that belly and they reach, instinctively. Maybe that's where the magnet is housed. That must be why your belly gets so big...it's the magnet growing to only enhance the radar of the crazy's.

The After: Post-birth. In my opinion, the worst stage. Babies must transfer the stupid magnet that was housed in your womb, onto themselves. The attraction is now intensified whenever you have your baby with you. Now you get all sorts of people, asking even more questions that are uncomfortable. I had Avery dressed in all pink, bows in her hair, her ear are pierced....and still had someone ask if she was a girl or boy. Honestly?! Additionally, the constant parenting advice that so many seem adamant to give is very annoying. Some from people who are terrible parents...whose children run wild and have very strict rules, from breathing, sleeping, eating, etc. Yes, the epitome of perfection...please, I want your advice!! "Well, when my kid was a baby, we did such and such and it was the best". "You know, if you don't do this, your baby won't develop." Blah. I'm the first time parent here. Let me figure it out and experiment on my kid myself. I'm pretty sure feeding my baby pretzels or giving her juice is not going to hinder her SAT scores.

So, I hope so many of you heed this advice...the next time you go to touch a prego's belly, give parental advice, or make comments regarding any female in any stage, try and think "Is this an obnoxious question that I will one day hate to be asked myself?" This is why I now don't say to a pregnant woman "Gosh, you are so huge! You look like you are going to explode!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Language - My Rant

Why doesn't someone invent some sort of baby translator? Instead of wasting money on leap frogs, gap clothes, organic everything...why not have something that translates what your baby wants??
I have no freakin' clue what Avery is crying about at the moment.. She took about a 45 min nap this morning, which is usually 2 hours. I left her in her crib after she woke up for probably an hour, thinking that she'd go back to sleep. Of course not. Instead, she's rolling around, jabbering, sitting up, throwing her pacifier, blah. So I put her down for her afternoon nap and go figure...she's back up awake within 30 min. As if I wasn't irritated enough from the earlier episode. So, I decide, maybe she just wants to be held, which I am VERY MUCH AGAINST. Babies need to learn how to sleep on their own, by themselves, in their own space. Otherwise, when they need to do that, they don't, because they are used to being held in order to fall asleep. Anyway, I hold her for probably 10 min. and she still cries. I figure, what's the point? If she's going to cry whether I hold her or not, might as well put her back in her crib. This is why a device, which simply interprets their cry to let me know what is wrong, would be so very useful.
See, this is a perfect example of why nothing gets done. I feel as though people (men in particular) have this idea that stay at home moms do nothing all day. Dinner should be ready, the house should be spotless, etc. because I'm at home all day. What else do I have to do? I haven't done anything productive today!! I'm constantly in and out of the nursery, feeding Avery, changing Avery, yelling at the dogs, blah blah. This is why people go nuts.
But, I guess we all just keep going. And we even are insane enough to have more kids! I am guilty of wanting 4. After today, I am rethinking that strategy...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Blog

Well Friends, I'm sorry to keep you in the dark for some time now. It has been ages since I've last posted anything and I do apologize. Loads has been going on and I just haven't had the blog as my top priority. Alas though, I have come to my senses! One of my many resolutions this year it to update the blog more often than once a month...or quarter. I'm also going to take a slightly different approach to the blog. Avery is such a huge part of our lives now, however, there are lots of other things going on that are impacting them also. I want to let you know about all that is going on. So let me clue you in on all the latest!

1. Life change - Relocation. We purchased a house! Finally...I was beginning to dread my mom and dad, and seeing them every day and every night. Sometimes in the middle of the night. In their underwear. After much searching, and walking through TONS of houses, we finally found the one. Well, God had something to do with it too. We now are residence of the lovely town of Westfield. I was very anti-northside prior to the move. I was afraid of an unfamiliar area, no safety net, no parents/family within 15 minutes, and being alone with Avery. But, after the move, I truly believe this is where we are to be. God wants us here, to raise our family, grow in our friendships, and become amazing people. Well, even more amazing. We are pretty much at the top there on that scale.

2. Life Change - Stay at home Mom. I quit my paying job to now have a new job, which pays in smiles. I guess I'd rather have smiles than money...right, who wouldn't??!! As I said before, I was terribly afraid to be alone with Avery. Every since she was born, I had my mom and dad there to take her whenever she had a meltdown, I was tired, bored, etc. But now, it's all on me. And things are going great! I have no idea how it all happened, but I am TRULY blessed beyond measure. My calling in life was always to be a mom. I am satisfied now that I am fulfilling that desire. Every day I thank God that he has blessed us in ways that I never expected, this being one. I'm thankful Chris took a job (which I don't think he likes much) so that I could stay home and raise our family. He has sacrificed so much for me! Thank you Chris.

3. Life Change - Budgeting. Yuck. I feel like budgeting = old adult. However, it's part of life. Part of making it happen, being responsible, blah blah. When we were living with the 'rents, we "budgeted" but not on a strick scale...we had no bills. However, now, we do. Plus, with me not working, we don't have that cushion to have addition fun when we want. So, now things have to be more planned and set out in advance. While this sucks, I'm sure we are just doing what all other people do to save and make a living. But still, I say boo to you, budget.

4. Friendships. I ran out of life change titles... Since our move and my lack of job, I feel like I can focus more on the important things in life. Being closer to our friends has had a tremendous impact. Surrounding ourselves with solid, Christian friends is hugely important to us. They are there for us when we need prayer, uplifting, laughter, help, babysitting (thank you Floyds), and most of all, food. I am excited to see us develop even better relationships this year.

To be honest, I feel like we are following the will of God precisely. In no way am I bragging because we do have hard obsticles to face. But things are falling into place and we have been trusting Him that we are making the right choices in our lives. My hope is that 2010 is an awesome year, with lots more great things to come. If He is for us, who can be against us, right?