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Silly September - 4 months

Avery went in for her 4 month check up and shots. She is growing so fast it scares me sometimes! She weighed in at 15 pounds exactly! Chunk... She also is 25.5" long, which apparently is quite lengthy for her (85%) but she is healthy as can be. She got the ok to start cereal and oatmeal, which we have been trying for a couple days now. It is the funniest thing to watch her try and eat with a spoon, when she has no idea how to. The vast majority of it ends up coming right back out. Which, note to all moms-to-be...always buy waterproof bibs or bibs with the plastic backing. This will ensure your childs clothes stay dry from food, formula, spit up, snot, etc. Whoever invented those bibs that look pretty but are just cotton, must not of had kids.

In developmental news, Avery is rolling, side to side and with a little help, from her back to tummy. I've only seen her roll from tummy to back once and she isn't too keen on trying again. I think she will master it in no time though…