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Mouth Cavity

Alas, Avery has discovered she has a mouth. Yes, this little, tiny, cute orifice is actually quite loud! She has been busy making all sorts of squeals and high pitched noises. It is the funniest thing to hear her cry in the morning and when I go into the nursery, she sees me and immediately smiles and coos. As if she's saying "that's exactly what I wanted mom, I was just fibbing on being upset. I just wanted you to come hold me!"
Dresses are now becoming a pain too with her constant motion of shoving the hem in her mouth! So not only will her hands be covered in spit, but now her dress is too! And any toy or item place in her hands immediately goes right in there too. I am dreading the days when where she puts her hands becomes a problem when they always end up in her mouth.
In addition to the mouth activity, she has been kicking lots too! When she is on her back, she kicks so hard and arches up that I can tell she is almost ready to roll! I never thought these types o…

Astounding August - 3 months

Avery is growing so quickly! She is trying to find her voice, which is quite comical. I've noticed that it's usually in the evenings, about 7-8:00 that she gets this burst of energy and decides to "talk" to us. She just makes all sorts of noises, squeals, yells, and cries. She is trying to laugh, which is also funny. She'll make noises when she smiles, but there hasn't been an audible "ha ha" yet, but she is oh so close! My cheeks really do hurt when I'm watching her do all of these things because I just can't keep myself from smiling so much!
She doesn't like being on her tummy much so I feel as though we are lacking in that department. She can lift her head up but she can't push herself up yet. My book says she should be able to after 3 months so hopefully she can get her push ups down. She is getting stronger though; she can sit up fairly well, especially in her bebepod. I look forward to her sitting all on her own though!
Avery has…


Weaning. Being that I've never had to do this before, this first go around is a bit crazy. I have no idea how to do this, only what I've read online, which how reliable can all that be? So, I decided to make this monumental decision after a couple weekends ago... Chris and I took Avery to a fellow work associates house for a mid-evening concert. He was having a Dave Matthew's cover band play for a couple hours. Well, I had to leave the party, which meant leaving Chris alone with tons of people he didn't know. I had to go sit in the car, which was about 98 degrees being that it is August. As if this isn't a pretty enough picture, it just gets worse. I'm sweating, there isn't a breeze, and I have to duck everyone someone walks by the car so they don't see me sitting there in all my glory. Later than evening, we went to the Symphony on the Prairie. Well, I had to leave in the middle of that to go pump too! So as I'm sitting in the car, in the middle of…