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Baby Poo

Well for all you mothers out there I'm sure you can relate. For those who aren't mothers, enjoy!

Apparently breastmilk is a natural laxative, which I'm beginning to wonder why I even chose to breastfeed because of this. Let's just say Avery's plumbing is that of her father's. The Dr. said that we shouldn't be alarmed if Avery were to go a day or 2 without pooping because it's totally normal. I assured her that day would probably never come. Avery poops about 6-8 times a day...And not just regular baby pooping, we are talking explosive, shoots out every crack in the diaper, goes all over the place, pooping.

Story #1
While attending a lovely wedding reception of my best friend Candace's sister, I decided that it had been quite awhile since I had changed Avery's diaper. So I stood up to go, but got caught talking to someone who wanted to Ooh and Ahh over her. Well, thanks to that person, we never made it to the bathroom. All the sudden I hear "I …

July Jubilee - 2 Months

Well I apologize for not updating this since Avery was born. As I'm sure you can imagine, life has been busy. I am starting to get into a schedule and Avery is starting to adapt. I will certainly do my best to post some stuff every week, but don't be surprised if it's longer!
Avery had her 2 month check up this week. She received 5 vaccines, 4 of which were in the form of 2 shots. Her little legs were so sore! She even produced tears at the Dr.! But that Tylenol works wonders! Put her right to sleep. In fact, I'm thinking about making it an evening ritual...

She was 11lb's 14.5 oz and about 23" long. Dr. Collings said she is just great and doing just fine. Soon she will start grabbing for things, hopefully rolling from tummy to back, and maybe even cutting teeth. She's been drooling more that's for sure! But it's just her body preparing her for those pearly whites. She has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now, which is awesome! She g…