Take a stand

Holy balls...it has been nearly a year since my last post. Wow. I think I've been busy but I don't remember the last time I sat down...

I was having a moment this morning and I felt the need to pen some thoughts down because at some point in the future, when I have time to sit, I will reflect on them and I will feel better.

Confession: I keep a diary. Ha! Not a traditional one, but I have a diary that I started when I had Avery. I write notes to her whenever I can, so that eventually she will have a book of wisdom from the wisest mom ever. I think my note could be something we all might learn from, so here is what I said:

I don't want to be all "girl power/feminist" with what I'm about to say, but, I am. I've been hearing a lot lately about women in the work place and it got me thinking... While I realize I am not a career woman, I do have a job that I'm just not getting paid for. Yet there are loads of other women who do in fact have careers (with or without kids). For some reason, women are constantly fighting to gain respect in their jobs, to be heard, to be taken seriously, whatever the fill-in-the-blank might be. I can speak from experience, being a confident woman scares people. It isn't how "us women" have been taught. We are taught to be lady-like and to be proper. And while these things are a must, you also must learn to speak your mind. I take pride in being a person who will tell you like it is and I wish more people were that way. "Ain't nobody got time for that!!" When you accomplish a goal, accept compliments and rewards for it. We as women, often times have difficulty in accepting those things. We play it off, bring up a negative that we could have done better, say we were just lucky. But celebrate your awesomeness. Speak up. Be heard. Have a voice. Don't blend in. Be bold. The only way the world will change is by you being different.


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