Best. Mom-Move. Ever.

I'm certain this will be one for the record books...and hopefully Isaiah will look back and appreciate my creativity. I was out with him today and needed to feed him his bottle, but alas, I had no bib. I wanted to go to the library with him and didn't want him to have a shirt that was soaked in milk-drool drippings. As I dug around in the diaper bag, hoping by some chance a bib would materialize, I saw that I had some extra diapers. *Cue lightbulb moment.* Diapers absorb liquid and also conveniently have adjustable tab things...voila: diaper-bib was born. I don't think he was too fond of the idea but I'm the parent...sort of like the "because I said so" answer my parents always gave me. But, he is so cute, I don't think it would matter if he had a diaper-bib or a standard bib, he would still charm the pants of anyone with those baby-blues.


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