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Hello's an update

I definitely have been so busy that I completely forgot that I actually had a blog. For those of you that follow it, or for anyone who cares, here is an update of what is happening in the world of The Mason Bunch:

1. Isaiah is 14months old now. He still isn't walking but he has at least taken several steps. I'm kind of discouraging it, though I haven't actually shoved him down. I know as soon as he figures it out, my world will change and I'm not ready yet. He is talking so much and I'm in awe of how many words he knows already, especially compared with Avery at this age. His 2 favorite words and signs are "more" and "milk". His favorite food is probably avocado. Favorite toy is his blanket, which he calls "bobby". His favorite thing to do is climb...he will try and climb anything and everything. Ugh.

2. Avery is really big into pretending to be a doctor right now. For awhile, she was using her tool set to fix us. After she tried shovi…

Best. Mom-Move. Ever.

I'm certain this will be one for the record books...and hopefully Isaiah will look back and appreciate my creativity. I was out with him today and needed to feed him his bottle, but alas, I had no bib. I wanted to go to the library with him and didn't want him to have a shirt that was soaked in milk-drool drippings. As I dug around in the diaper bag, hoping by some chance a bib would materialize, I saw that I had some extra diapers. *Cue lightbulb moment.* Diapers absorb liquid and also conveniently have adjustable tab things...voila: diaper-bib was born. I don't think he was too fond of the idea but I'm the parent...sort of like the "because I said so" answer my parents always gave me. But, he is so cute, I don't think it would matter if he had a diaper-bib or a standard bib, he would still charm the pants of anyone with those baby-blues.