Avery Do

Just wanted to give an Avery update! My little girl is slowly growing up. Eesh. I love it. Every day I look at her face and think it has changed in some small way. She is almost 2 and I can't believe how fast it has gone. I look at Isaiah and think it's going to take forever before he's at the same stage Avery is...yet I know it will go by so quickly.

Avery is talking up a storm. I realize almost daily that she uses a new word, one that I haven't even "taught" her, yet she hears me or Chris say it and then says it later. Weird. She is also combining words to make "sentences" and I love to hear all the funny things she comes up with.

She is definitely gaining her independence. With nearly everything, she always says "Avery do!" because she wants to do it. When I put her diaper on, "Avery do", when I wash her in the bath, "Avery do!". I asked her if she needed help getting on the swing yesterday and she said, "No, Avery do". Of course she struggled and I asked again, of which she did ended up letting me help her. She's an independent woman.

Along with this independence, is her need to take her diaper on and off. Yesterday when I got her up from nap, it was off and she's standing in her crib naked. She said "Mommy, diaper off, trash." Thanks for the tip Avery. I'm not sure if she is doing it because it's something new she's discovered that she can do on her own, or if it's a sign she's ready for potty training. I tried putting underwear on her last week for a day, but she peed in them and continued playing as if nothing seemed wrong. She has just started within the past couple days of telling me when she has gone poop so maybe that's a promising sign that she's getting closer. I think if I had a solid few days to work with her, without taking care of Isaiah, we'd be able to get it. I think she's cognitively ready but with me being too distracted, I think it might have to wait a bit.

Avery is very into all things Toy Story. She also loves Shrek (and she always says Shrek Donkey!), Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, and Handy Manny. Chris said he thinks it's weird she isn't into the Princess movies but I said that will come later. She's too young to be into Prince Charming, dress up, make-up, and true love. She has a couple pairs of Toy Story PJ's, t-shirts, and a Handy Manny shirt, all of which she wants to wear, usually at the same time. I can understand now why toddlers are usually dressed in cowboy boots, jean shorts, a tutu, shirt, 4 pig tails and jewelry. They like what they like.


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