Sweet Moment

I was driving the other day and just had one of those "God moments". You know, times when you get this overwhelming feeling of his presence and I was oh so grateful for it. Let me explain...

As I was driving home from dropping Avery off at my mom's, I looked in the rear view mirror at her empty car seat. Ahhh, such a quiet place now that she is gone... Anyway, I had a flashback to being in high school and remembering all the things that took place in my back seat, or someone else's. Now, most I'm not proud of and will spare you the details of those moments, but other's were fun and innocent. I remember being piled into Joe Venn's SUV with a group of people, and Candace and I "dancing" and acting a fool, on our way to a basketball game. I remember my spring break trip to Florida, with Candace, her sister and friend all in my car, and the idiotic stuff we pulled that vacation. I remember proms, other vacations, and other crazy moments spent in the car and I realize how different things are now! Instead of soda cans and fast-food bags (though I still might have one of those occasionally. I can't help myself!), I've got sippy cups and animal crackers. Instead of school books and homework, I now have children's books and etch-a-sketch.

It's a BIG change, one that I am happy and thankful for in many ways. Gone are the days of me-centered living and thinking. I now have a family; responsibilities. I'm not gonna lie, being an adult sucks. But it's a change that I am learning to really love and appreciate. I can't imagine my life any different. I'd trade those irresponsible moments of younger days for one minute of laughter from Avery, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the back seat, any time.

It even more amazes me that had I not had that miscarriage, Avery wouldn't even be here. All that pain and suffering, hurt and loneliness...all for her. God's plan is something larger and bigger than we can imagine. He can use the worst of situations for good; in his time. I'm just glad he did with us!


  1. Oh April, You just have such an amazing way of looking at life. I am so glad God put Chris in your life too because without him neither you or Avery would be in ours. Thank you for blessing our life with your faith, strength and humor.

  2. That's so nice! Thank you! I am truly blessed to have met Chris and I'm so thankful God brought us together.


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