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Growing Girl

Well, I think it's official...Avery has now transfered from 2 naps to 1. Boo. While it's nice that she sleeps later and takes 1 long nap, I just don't like not having much flexibility anymore with her schedule. Before, if she missed one nap, I felt okay about it because I knew we had another to fall back on. Now, it isn't that way! I can see why some parents get very crazy during this time in making sure they are always home for the nap. Blah.

Avery's sign language classes are going great! She did a few signs in class yesterday and the teacher was very impressed. I think it's so great that she is catching on and able to tell me things she wants or needs. Hopefully it will make the coming months and years more bearable as I think most tantrums are from miscommunications in needs and not being able to express them. She knows the sign for book, more, food, milk, drink, bird, fish, love, up, done, and others that she's made up are sun and monsters (for watching …

Falling into Fall

With all this cool weather, I am eagerly awaiting pumpkins, candy, and trick or treating! I am even more excited to dress Avery up this year, since she will be even cuter than last year. I still can't decide though as to what she will be though...does it really matter? She will be adorable in anything!!

So here is a "quick" update on all things Avery, who is 16months old!

1. She LOVES Monsters, Inc. She has a made up sign that she does when she wants to watch it, along with her pointing to the tv and grabbing the remote control. It is nice that it keeps her quiet and occupied, but I don't want to get in the habit of her watching it 24/7. Hopefully this is one of those phases I hear about...

2. Books, books, and more books! Avery loves flipping through books, pointing and blabbing about things she sees. Every morning, when I get her out of her crib, she points and says "bo" to where I keep her books in the bedroom. Sometimes she sits still enough for me to read…