Friday, May 28, 2010

Mommy Advice...

Calling all Mom's! We are going on vacation and we will be flying with Avery. This will be our first flight so I am very anxious as to how she will do. I'm not worried so much with the crying, but rather, the sitting still for more than 2 min. part.
The dr. told me that we could get some benadryl and that might help to sedate her a bit...So I want to know, what do other families do when they travel with kids? Have you tried this? Does it work? Any other suggestions or tips for flying with kids?
Also, how are the airlines with food, drinks, toys, carseats, etc. when you have kids? I'm sure we'll have a small stroller, plus a million other things. And what about changing a diaper on an airplane?? That does not sound fun...
I just want some advice and tips that you have from your experiences in this. Thanks!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One year and on the Move

Finally! The biggest milestone yet...1 year old! I can't believe what an incredible journey the past year has been. I look back at those first few weeks and now I realize, that was the easy part. The rollercoaster I've been on has been fast and crazy at times, but I know it will only get better. Despite the toddler years approaching, I'm very excited to see what my sweet baby will do.

Here's what she's been up to the past few weeks...

Avery started taking her first few steps at about 11 monts old. Ever since then, I suddenly am more aware of how quickly she is growing. One day it was 2 steps, the next day 5, then 8, 12, 20. It's crazy! Now she tries to run even though she hasn't mastered the art of walking completely. At 11 months I also took away her beloved bottle and switched her to whole milk in a sippy. That first week was so tough! She was very attatched to her ba-ba and it was stressful for me to break her of that. I figured, since she was already mad at me, I might as well take away her pacifier too. Needless to say, it was a rough week. But, at nearly 13 months old, we've moved past those difficult times and my baby is a big girl now!

My mom always said you quickly forget those beginning stages; the process of pregnancy, birth, first few days as a family, etc. and I hate to say, she's right.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I guess my goal of blogging every week has sort of been shot. Oh well. I'm trying right? Lots has been happening since my last post. We went on vacation April 19-24...the day before we left, Avery stood up on her own. Amazing. I was so afraid she would walk while we were gone but thankful she didn't. She has since taken 5 or so steps on her own, which is absolutely the coolest thing to watch. As much as I hope she walks before her birthday next week, I'm terrified of what she'll be like once she masters the skill. She already is non-stop talking, moving, going! Once she figures out how to walk...I think I'm going to have to leave her in the back yard and let her run off all her energy.
She still has yet to say momma. Ugh. So disappointing. She mainly says dadda, dog, ball, and sock. She does blabber and make noise all the time though. I wish I knew what she was thinking! It's neat to see her work through things and try and figure out where something goes and how it fits into something else.
Since Avery will be turning 1, we've definitely taken some steps to better our lives. She'll soon catch on to what we're saying, eating, doing, etc. and I'm sure in no time immitate those behaviors. We've stopped drinking soda, which has been difficult. I love me some Coke Zero!! But, it's nothing but sugar anyway and isn't nutritional whatsoever. We've also been trying to eat healthier; fresh veggies, fruits, etc. Most of the green veggies I have to force myself to eat, but I know it's good for me and I want her to eat those too. I can't justify telling her to do or not do a behavior, when I'm doing just the same. I also have been strict about no texting or cell phone use while driving, even at red lights. So, sorry to all of you who try and get ahold of me during those times. It's terrible that people do those things anyway; there's really no need. It is hard though but I know I don't want her to do it when she drives so I have to set a good example.
We've switched to whole milk, which wasn't that bad of a transition. However, the no bottle transition wasn't as easy. She loves her bottle so for about a week, it was pure rage against me. Plus, I put baby locks on all the cabinets in the kitchen, which she loves playing in. But, she has gotten over her bottle cravings and is doing perfectly well with the sippy cup only. She is such a big girl!!
Other than that, she's just getting bigger every day. I can't believe she'll be a year old this Friday. Time has flown by. I think you notice it more when you have a kid...hopefully it doesn't get worse when you have multiple kids.