March Mayhem

Avery, I believe, is teething. What a terrible time f0r baby and parents. She has a runny nose, coughing a bit, refuses food, and wakes up constantly at night! Last night, she was up every 2 hrs, then cl0ser to evey 30 min. UGH! I know she's just a baby and it hurts and I got up loads more often when she was firstborn but this getting up all the time business sucks. I'm not used to it anymore. Plus, I am a big fan of sleep so these interruptions aren't nice. My body gets used to waking up like that after some time so then I find myself waking up at 2am just because?!
She still hasn't walked yet. I'm begging it happens before we go on vacation. I just don't want to miss it! However, I do think it might be awhile before she does on her own. She now occasionally will push something and take a few steps. But then she figures it out and would rather crawl since it's much faster.
I'm struggling with breaking her of the bottle. I've tried giving her formula in every form of a sippy cup and she won't drink it. She takes a few sips and then discovers, this isn't the bottle. She'll drink juice from the cup, but not her formula. I bought some milk and have been putting that in the cup to try and get her used to it too. She still doesn't like it much so I don't know if it means she isn't ready or what. I can't just not give her her bottle...she'll be hungry. Plus, she doesn't understand me withholding the bottle because I want her to drink from the sippy. I just don't know what to do to get her used to not drinking from the bottle. I've tried giving her 4 oz in bottle then 2 oz in cup; I've tried mixing formula and's just frustrating.
Still no mamma either. She says dadda, a word that sort of sounds like dog, sorta ball, and sorta sock. Oh and ba ba for her bottle. I know though once she figures out how to talk, there will be no shutting her up. She'll be just like me in that regards, and I'm sure Chris too.


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