March Madness

Clearly it's been awhile since my last post. I feel like my life is an endless pile of laundry, that just never seems to get done. I think this is the closest I'll ever feel to how it was when Jesus fed the 5,000. I know now what those never ending baskets of fish and bread must have been like.
At any rate, things have been busy with Avery. She's still "cruising" as some call it; walking along furniture and basically anything she can hold on to. She can stand on her own, but only for a few seconds before she falls down. Chris claims she took her first steps a couple days ago. However, I think it was more falling gracefully. She tries though, but I just don't think she's strong enough yet. We'll get there. Although it had better happen soon because we leave for vacation in a few weeks!
I'm trying to feed Avery more human food and less baby food. This is very easy in the fruit and snack department, but veggies and meat is more of a struggle. I'm looking forward to the whole milk switch too.
I also must say, as much as I hate the pacifier, I've lapsed and given it back. She did great for a week, then got really sick. I felt horrible and so did she and I thought it would be something to make her feel better. So I caved and gave it back. However, only at bed time, none other. I at least feel good about that.
I just love all the new sounds, noises, consonants and all that she does. It's so exciting to see her grow. Hopefully she'll say mamma soon enough. For now, all is dadda.


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