Bathroom Blunder

I'm wondering today, as I'm in the bathroom at Meijer, how any woman is supposed to use the bathroom with a child in tow. I can't even imagine how mom's with more than one child can juggle it! Let me give you the mental picture...
I'm shopping at Meijer today and it hits me, the ever pressing urge to use the restroom. Unfortunately, I am not like my husband in the fact that he can hold it for hours, even days before he goes. When it hits me, I must go immediately, or else be doomed to go in my underwear. So, Avery and I make our way up to the front of the store. I park the cart, unbuckle Avery, grab my purse and at last, head into the bathroom. Thankfully the handicap stall was open, otherwise this would have been even more of a struggle. I go in, lock the door and stop. How am I supposed to get my pants down? Even more to be thankful for, I had on sweats. If jeans were involved with zipper and button...yikes I can't put Avery on the laid back of a parent as I am, I call it at public restroom cleanliness. I can't put her on the changing table because she would roll off. I'm pretty sure my cart won't fit through the door either so that's out. What? I somehow manage to get my pants down and out of the way, all while jocelling Avery. It's sort of awkward too with a child 2" from your face the entire time you're going to the bathroom. How is that even sanitary? Oh, and I forgot; how are you supposed to lay out toilet paper over the seat while holding a child? You sure as heck can't hover holding one! And Meijer doesn't have those toilet seat covers either, but even so, try putting one of those on! It's like a circus act in this stall!
Needless to say, I did my business and got out of there, all while Avery got a first hand view of how big girls go potty. I don't understand how no one has invented some sort of chair for the handicap stalls for kids to sit in while mommy goes potty. Is that too much to ask?? We have sham wows but no holding tank for kids in the restroom. I thought we lived in America? How has no one invented such a contraption?


  1. you need to make a seat that can pull down from the wall of the stall. Sort of like the ones that hang off a table.


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