Operation October - 5 months

Goodness...I have not had much time to keep up on the blog the past couple months. My apologies for those of you who take the time to read my blog!
Normally, I try to post at the beginning of the month but now it is nearly the end. So, for this month, much has been going on...
For starters, we bought a house! We don't close until Nov. 16th but we are very excited nonetheless. I truly feel that this is totally a God thing and that we are moving to where we are supposed to be. I am so excited to finally have a place we can call "home"; a place to have friends and family over; a place to have Christmas; a place to walk around in my underwear!! We are looking forward to having some privacy again and hopefully focusing more on each other and not being so concerned with my parents being in the same space.
Avery is of course growing bigger. I was gone for about 36 hours without seeing her and I swear she grew! Her fingers looked bigger and I think she got a smidge taller. I honestly don't know how I'm going to handle a week without seeing her when we go on our cruise in April. I don't want to dwell much on that...
Well, in getting back to the post title, it was our mission this month to get Avery to roll over, consistently. Mission accomplished!! We spent every evening putting her on her tummy, trying relentlessly to get her to roll onto her back. This past weekend, she successfully completed the full rotation of roll. She's been perfect since about the beginning of the month rolling from back to tummy but once she got there, she was stuck! We got down on the floor, showed her how to roll by rolling ourselves, helped her, and alas, she got it. Although, she only goes one direction, I'm not holding it against her.
In feeding times, she is now on #2's... For those who don't have kids, you start out on #1's then, #2, then #3, then pure solids. She loves banana's and squash and doesn't like peaches or apples. She is really getting the hang of eating with a spoon, although she still tries putting her feet in her mouth while you are trying to feed her. So you always end up with peas or sweet potatoes on her toes.
Now onto poop....I know some of you don't like talking about it but it's just a fact of life. And once you start on those baby foods...oh my. Operation October then has a whole new meaning. It gets more solid and hard, more like adult poop. I think it has the consistency sometimes of silly puddy. So don't be frightened one day when your baby poops out something like this! And if you thought it smelled bad when they were newborns...just wait. Those peas and carrots smell even worse on the way out...
I think that about covers it. Head to toes! Operation October was a success!


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