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Operation October - 5 months

Goodness...I have not had much time to keep up on the blog the past couple months. My apologies for those of you who take the time to read my blog!
Normally, I try to post at the beginning of the month but now it is nearly the end. So, for this month, much has been going on...
For starters, we bought a house! We don't close until Nov. 16th but we are very excited nonetheless. I truly feel that this is totally a God thing and that we are moving to where we are supposed to be. I am so excited to finally have a place we can call "home"; a place to have friends and family over; a place to have Christmas; a place to walk around in my underwear!! We are looking forward to having some privacy again and hopefully focusing more on each other and not being so concerned with my parents being in the same space.
Avery is of course growing bigger. I was gone for about 36 hours without seeing her and I swear she grew! Her fingers looked bigger and I think she got a smidge taller. I honest…

Silly September - 4 months

Avery went in for her 4 month check up and shots. She is growing so fast it scares me sometimes! She weighed in at 15 pounds exactly! Chunk... She also is 25.5" long, which apparently is quite lengthy for her (85%) but she is healthy as can be. She got the ok to start cereal and oatmeal, which we have been trying for a couple days now. It is the funniest thing to watch her try and eat with a spoon, when she has no idea how to. The vast majority of it ends up coming right back out. Which, note to all moms-to-be...always buy waterproof bibs or bibs with the plastic backing. This will ensure your childs clothes stay dry from food, formula, spit up, snot, etc. Whoever invented those bibs that look pretty but are just cotton, must not of had kids.

In developmental news, Avery is rolling, side to side and with a little help, from her back to tummy. I've only seen her roll from tummy to back once and she isn't too keen on trying again. I think she will master it in no time though…

Mouth Cavity

Alas, Avery has discovered she has a mouth. Yes, this little, tiny, cute orifice is actually quite loud! She has been busy making all sorts of squeals and high pitched noises. It is the funniest thing to hear her cry in the morning and when I go into the nursery, she sees me and immediately smiles and coos. As if she's saying "that's exactly what I wanted mom, I was just fibbing on being upset. I just wanted you to come hold me!"
Dresses are now becoming a pain too with her constant motion of shoving the hem in her mouth! So not only will her hands be covered in spit, but now her dress is too! And any toy or item place in her hands immediately goes right in there too. I am dreading the days when where she puts her hands becomes a problem when they always end up in her mouth.
In addition to the mouth activity, she has been kicking lots too! When she is on her back, she kicks so hard and arches up that I can tell she is almost ready to roll! I never thought these types o…

Astounding August - 3 months

Avery is growing so quickly! She is trying to find her voice, which is quite comical. I've noticed that it's usually in the evenings, about 7-8:00 that she gets this burst of energy and decides to "talk" to us. She just makes all sorts of noises, squeals, yells, and cries. She is trying to laugh, which is also funny. She'll make noises when she smiles, but there hasn't been an audible "ha ha" yet, but she is oh so close! My cheeks really do hurt when I'm watching her do all of these things because I just can't keep myself from smiling so much!
She doesn't like being on her tummy much so I feel as though we are lacking in that department. She can lift her head up but she can't push herself up yet. My book says she should be able to after 3 months so hopefully she can get her push ups down. She is getting stronger though; she can sit up fairly well, especially in her bebepod. I look forward to her sitting all on her own though!
Avery has…


Weaning. Being that I've never had to do this before, this first go around is a bit crazy. I have no idea how to do this, only what I've read online, which how reliable can all that be? So, I decided to make this monumental decision after a couple weekends ago... Chris and I took Avery to a fellow work associates house for a mid-evening concert. He was having a Dave Matthew's cover band play for a couple hours. Well, I had to leave the party, which meant leaving Chris alone with tons of people he didn't know. I had to go sit in the car, which was about 98 degrees being that it is August. As if this isn't a pretty enough picture, it just gets worse. I'm sweating, there isn't a breeze, and I have to duck everyone someone walks by the car so they don't see me sitting there in all my glory. Later than evening, we went to the Symphony on the Prairie. Well, I had to leave in the middle of that to go pump too! So as I'm sitting in the car, in the middle of…

Baby Poo

Well for all you mothers out there I'm sure you can relate. For those who aren't mothers, enjoy!

Apparently breastmilk is a natural laxative, which I'm beginning to wonder why I even chose to breastfeed because of this. Let's just say Avery's plumbing is that of her father's. The Dr. said that we shouldn't be alarmed if Avery were to go a day or 2 without pooping because it's totally normal. I assured her that day would probably never come. Avery poops about 6-8 times a day...And not just regular baby pooping, we are talking explosive, shoots out every crack in the diaper, goes all over the place, pooping.

Story #1
While attending a lovely wedding reception of my best friend Candace's sister, I decided that it had been quite awhile since I had changed Avery's diaper. So I stood up to go, but got caught talking to someone who wanted to Ooh and Ahh over her. Well, thanks to that person, we never made it to the bathroom. All the sudden I hear "I …

July Jubilee - 2 Months

Well I apologize for not updating this since Avery was born. As I'm sure you can imagine, life has been busy. I am starting to get into a schedule and Avery is starting to adapt. I will certainly do my best to post some stuff every week, but don't be surprised if it's longer!
Avery had her 2 month check up this week. She received 5 vaccines, 4 of which were in the form of 2 shots. Her little legs were so sore! She even produced tears at the Dr.! But that Tylenol works wonders! Put her right to sleep. In fact, I'm thinking about making it an evening ritual...

She was 11lb's 14.5 oz and about 23" long. Dr. Collings said she is just great and doing just fine. Soon she will start grabbing for things, hopefully rolling from tummy to back, and maybe even cutting teeth. She's been drooling more that's for sure! But it's just her body preparing her for those pearly whites. She has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now, which is awesome! She g…

She's Here!

Finally! Avery Lynne has arrived! I delivered her on 5/7/09 at 11:44am. She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz. and was 20 3/4 in. long. I still just can't believe that she was all curled up in my wonder I had trouble sleeping with her pushing and kicking! I think I'm still just in shock over the whole thing. I can't believe I'm a parent! It makes me feel old, in a grown up sort of way. It's absolutely amazing to me that God can create something so beautiful, out of a little egg and sperm no less.
We hope to post some pictures soon. It's a little hectic and crazy right now but as soon as we can get a schedule and get some free time, we'll post some. Chris has created a flickr page also, check it out:

Any day now!

Someone once said "Patience is a virtue," and I'm starting to realize that person never had any children. This wait is brutal! April and I have been doing our part as soon-to-be parents by cleaning, organizing, charging camera batteries, and going on daily walks but the list has run out. There is nothing left to do. All that time.

We have both been told(over and over again) to appreciate the quiet while we still can and to sleep as much as possible, but who could possibly do that at a time like this? We both lay awake at night, imagining what it is going to be like without any sleep(ironic?). This is like a life changing Christmas Eve, combined with that Groundhog Day feels like we have done this repeatedly for days, and we will probably just wake up and do it all again tomorrow. In the mean time, I figured we could share some of the pictures that we had taken "pre-baby" (courtesy of

On her way!

Baby Mason will be here soon! As of today, I'm 36 weeks 5 days. I am packed for the hospital, the car seat is ready, and now all we need is the baby! Chris and I are very excited to meet her and can't wait to share more of her with you.